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Monday, November 13, 2023

SZA Opens Up About Her First Job

In recent news, SZA has taken to disclose details about the first job she ever had.

As per the Kill Bill hitmaker, she started off earning money for herself when she took up a job in a shoe shop called Magic Fit Sneakers.

She went on to add that this was the place where she learned how to have conversations with all kinds of people.

In her words, not only was this her first job on a commission, but this was the first time she felt like she could do something for herself.

Solana Rowe, or SZA, further noted that she was especially good at commission sales and could persuade people to purchase various shoes. 

The 33-year-old further boasted that she had the highest sales at all commission jobs that she did, irrespective of what she was selling.

Later in the interview, the singer was also asked how she thought her former co-workers would describe her and her work ethic.

SZA responded that they would say that she was really talkative and friendly but that she could be professional and focused when the time would come to make a sale.

According to the musician, her coworkers often lauded her determination to make a sale.

When asked how she was able to excel at sales, the star responded that the key was being herself and trying to relate with the customer using her own experiences and personality. 

She disclosed that the first time she sold something was a shoe of high value. The 33-year-old divulged that the men she sold to were talkative themselves, so it was easy for her to get along with them.

In other news, Green Day took to canceling its intimate gig scheduled for London just a couple of hours before the band was required to be on stage.

As per the hitmakers of the American Dream Is Killing Me, they were pretty excited to perform in front of fans at the Electric Ballroom in the city. 

However, the group had to pull the plug on the show shortly before it was due on stage on account of an illness. 

The band took to the micro-blogging website, X, to announce that there had been an unexpected illness that caused the cancelations.

The members apologized in the post, adding that they were heartbroken to be canceling the gig they were so excited about.

As of now, fans are being refunded payments made for the tickets to the intimate show in London, as it is unlikely that the show will be rescheduled anytime soon.

In the days before the canceled show, the group took to playing a couple of small shows in different locations in Europe.

Moreover, a day before the performance, the members announced that they would be playing a surprise show for their new album, Saviors, in Central London.

The surprise set is going to be live-streamed on Instagram, which will allow a large number of fans to view the band play in real-time.

The trio has also taken to tease an upcoming acoustic show, possibly in 2024, but has not yet confirmed whether it will be following through on that.

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