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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Billie Eilish Talks About Double Standards

In recent news, Billie Eilish has made it a point to call out the music industry and the world as a whole for never saying anything about the bodies of men.

The Bad Guy singer went on to express her frustration at how women’s physiques are scrutinized for no reason at all.

This rant from the 21-year-old came shortly after she was placed on the cover of the Power Of Women issue of Variety Magazine. 

She further fumed that people exhibit double standards between the two sexes when it comes to body image.

In her words, a man is praised for being muscular and thin, both. However, she pointed out that women are criticized no matter what.

The musician went on to say that men tend to live carefree while women, such as herself, become insecure about their bodies.

According to Billie, even though she has the same biological makeup as the rest of the women in the world, she does not feel much like a woman. 

Even though the star identifies as a female and the pronouns she/her, she does not feel like she belongs to either gender. 

The Your Power hitmaker has made quite a name for herself by always wearing baggy clothes.

She went on to add that she did try to change her look once and showed some skin, but people quickly sexualized her and caused her to feel uncomfortable.

As per the singer, she does not want people to have access to her body, visually or otherwise, which is why she makes sure to hide her skin. 

At the end of her rant, the popstar said that she no longer cares about what people think and will continue to be herself no matter what. 

In other news, Gigi Hadid has taken to shutting down a report that claimed that she does not approve of the friendship that Taylor Swift shares with Travis Kelce.

Just last week, a source revealed that the model does not appreciate how her close friend has been hanging out with the well-known American football star.

According to the source, Gigi believes that Taylor should not be publicly airing her relationship with the footballer as things could get messy. 

However, the model took to comments on Instagram to insist that she was very happy for the Love Story hitmaker, whom she believes deserves the best. 

She further added that she is tired of the press trying to create a mess when there is not one and wants them to stop doing this.

Gigi made fire and heart emojis to show her support for the pair, which decided to take their relationship public two months ago.

Since then, Taylor Swift has attended many games of the Kansas City Chiefs, sometimes with other celebrity friends with her. 

But the source said that the model has made it a point not to be at any of the NFL games because she does not support the couple’s romance.

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