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Friday, November 3, 2023

Steven Tyler Faces Another Sexual Assault Lawsuit

In recent news, a second woman has taken to accusing Steven Tyler of victimizing her with sexual assault.

As per a lawsuit filed by the woman, Jeanne Bellino, in New York, the rocker sexually assaulted her two times back in 1975. In her words, this incident took place when the pair met for the first time. 

Bellino goes on to claim in her suit that the frontman of Aerosmith met for the first time at the Warwick Hotel in the Big Apple when she was only 17 years old and he was 27 at the time. 

According to the accuser, she, Tyler, and a number of others had walked down Sixth Avenue in a group when the perpetrator allegedly forced her into a phone booth.

Recounting the events, she said that the two of them had been having a conversation right before, and he seemed to get frustrated with her.

Consequently, he pushed her inside and proceeded to stick his tongue down her throat. The accuser then went on to detail additional events of the night, saying that Tyler violated her personal space inside the phone booth.

In her words, he also removed all her clothing and had her tightly pinned against the wall, so she could not run away.

Bellino further claimed that the accused started to hump her and pretended they were making out so passersby did not feel the need to interfere.

Where her group of friends are concerned, the accuser said that they all stood outside the booth, watching and laughing. 

After being allegedly forced into pretending to be intimate with Tyler, the survivor stated that she pulled his hair and used her knee as a barrier to get away from him.

However, she said that she chose to hang out with the group for the rest of the night for transportation reasons.

Once the group reached the hotel, Bellino claimed that the Dream On singer sexually assaulted her for the second time.

She accused him of forcibly grinding against her and forcing her into kissing him. He also tried to bring her into his room, which caused her distress. 

According to the suit, the accuser has been suffering from permanent and severe physical and emotional distress since the sexual assault.

She has also had feelings of embarrassment and humiliation and suffered various personal, psychological, and physical injuries due to the trauma caused by the musician.

These charges from Bellino come less than a year after Tyler was accused by a woman named Julia Misley, former name Julia Holcomb.

She filed a suit against the singer in Los Angeles, accusing her of sexually assaulting her back in the 1970s.

As of now, Tyler has taken to deny all accusations made about him by either woman. 

A spokesperson for the star has taken to claim that the frontman of Abercrombie would never violate the personal space of a woman or go against her consent.

A court date for the case’s hearing has yet to be announced by either state.

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