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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

MTV EMAs Cancelled Amid Israel-Hamas Crisis

In recent news, the organizers of the MTV Europe Music Awards have announced that the event for this year has been canceled.

The reason cited for the cancelation is the rising security concerns amid the growing war tensions between Hamas and Israel. 

The organizers believe that world events are quite volatile at the moment, and holding an event at this time could compromise the safety of many. 

Originally, the ceremony had been scheduled for the 5th of November, Sunday, in Paris. 

As per the nominations, Taylor Swift dominated the event with no less than seven nominations, including Best Song, Best Video, and Best Artist. 

The star is followed closely by the likes of SZA and Olivia Rodrigo, who have been nominated for six categories each. 

In a statement released by the show organizers, the show has been canceled after careful consideration of the safety of crew members, fans, partners, artists, as well as employees.

In the words of the relevant party, people attending the show travel from different corners of the globe to bring the show to life, which might be difficult to do amid rising tensions.  

A spokesperson for the event stated that it was devastating news to find out that the annual celebration of worldwide music would not take place this year. 

They went on to say that given the situation in the two countries, it does not feel appropriate to go through with the celebration.

Rather, the event organizers invited people to come together to mourn the loss of numerous lives everywhere. 

According to the spokesperson, the show will be returning next year, but in 2024. 

As of now, France has been placed on high alert. This action was taken shortly after three people were injured and a schoolteacher was murdered.

The incident occurred on the 13th of October in the northern city of Arras. It is believed that the tragedy was an Islamist attack.

Meanwhile, on the 18th of October, eight airports in the country were placed on high-security alerts, while others were evacuated right away.

In addition, the Palace of Versailles has temporarily been shut down once again on account of it receiving three security scares in a matter of five days. 

Back in 2022, the MTV EMAs took place in the city of Dusseldorf in Germany. At the time, they were hosted by Rita Ora, the singer, and Taika Waititi, Oscar-winner. 

Taylor Swift has managed to snag four out of six awards that she had been nominated for, thus dominating the entire event. 

In other news, Megan Thee Stallion is finally out of her exhaustive legal battle with her former record label, which had been ongoing for the past three years. 

1501 Certified Entertainment and the singer have finally reached a settlement after fighting in court for years. 

Attorneys for the former record label said that the parties just want the battle to be done and dusted and have, thus, decided to part ways in an amicable manner. 

Consequently, both parties are happy to have put this matter behind them and move forward in life.

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