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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Jungkook To Have First Ever Full-Length Solo Concert

In recent news, the star of BTS, Jungkook, has announced that he will soon be playing at his first-ever full-length solo concert, titled Golden Live On Stage. 

The 26-year-old star recently debuted his solo single, called Seven. It featured Latto and turned out to be a big hit among fans. 

Consequently, the K-Pop idol has decided to put out an entire solo album, which will be his first, and then go on to take center stage in the month of July.

Golden, the new album by Jungkook, is an LP, which will be released on the 3rd of November. This date falls 17 days before the star will take the stage on his own and perform his solo songs on the 20th of November. 

The show is all set to take place in the Jachung Arena, located in Seoul. Moreover, the hitmaker has ensured that the concert will be available for fans to stream from across the globe.

As per announcements, the concert will include performances from Jungkook on a number of tracks belonging to his solo album.

It is also believed that the BTS bandmates and friends of the 26-year-old will also take to making an appearance during the gig to support and perform alongside him. 

Currently, tickets have been made available for those fans in particular who hold the ARMY membership, or all those who have bought Golden from the Weverse Shop. 

In a recent post made by the Weverse Shop, it went on to say that the unique showcase of the artist is being anticipated by many and will be unique. 

Despite the hype surrounding the star’s debut single and album, this is not the first time that he will be performing on his own.

At the time of the Global Citizen festival, the star took to the stage by himself and gave a performance to remember.

However, Golden Live On Stage is going to be the first ever full-length show being done by the 26-year-old all on his own. 

In a recent interview, the South Korean singer was also asked to speak about his haters, during which he revealed that he is grateful.

According to the BTS star, his haters and supporters both, motivate him to do better and he is appreciative of it all.

He went on to say that he likes how his haters are invested in him, given how much time they spend trolling him and his art.

In the words of the popstar, there are numerous people who do not like me, but they tend to spend a significant amount of time sending him hate.

As a result, the star believes that these people are showing him interest and somehow making him more loved by fans across the globe. 

But the K-Pop icon made sure to point out that as much as he is grateful for the interest that his haters show to him, he does not like them.

The star simply stated that he does not have to love people who say bad things about him, which is why he chooses to rise above it all.

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