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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Chaka Khan And Bombay Bicycle Club Collaborate For Tekken 2

In recent news, Chaka Khan and the Bombay Bicycle Club have joined hands to release their new single.

The latest single from the indie band, namely Tekken 2, has been revealed to include a surprise feature from Chaka. 

Later on, the queen of funk talked about what an insightful and fun experience it had been to work with the group. 

According to the 7-year-old, she was excited when Jack Steadman sent her an invite along with the song. She said that there was an ethereal part to it that drew her in.

Talking more about the Bombay Bicycle Club, the star applauded their passionate and innovative energy, saying they are truly great musicians and she enjoys their vibe. 

Meanwhile, Jack also spoke on the topic of being able to work with Chaka, saying that it was a surreal experience for him.

In his words, he cannot believe how far he has come. He recalled that he used to sit on his sofa and mess around with a drum machine and a keyboard, not knowing where he would be one day.

However, he has now had the chance to work alongside Chaka Khan in a fancy studio located in Los Angeles, and he cannot believe it.

According to the star, Chaka is an absolute superstar who carefully listened when he provided her with singing directions.

When asked about his working experience with her, he further elaborated that it was positive as a whole, which is reflected in the song.

Tekken 2 is about joining hands and putting aside any negative thoughts to enjoy the moment. 

The new single has been featured on the latest album of the band, titled My Big Day. It is all set to be released on the 20th of October.

The upcoming record is also going to have features of Jay Som, Holly Humberstone, Nilufer Yanya, and Damon Albarn.

In addition to releasing a much-awaited album, the Bombay Bicycle Club has also announced its plan to go on a new headline tour that will take them to various cities in the UK.

They also plan on hitting Ireland in the early months of next year, probably January and February. 

The tour is likely to start on the 29th of January in Belfast and come to a close on the 18th of February in Cardiff.

In other news, Leo Sayer has talked about how he has been forced to cancel a bunch of his shows due to him becoming quite ill.

According to the 75-year-old singer, he has been spending the last three weeks in the hospital. As of now, he is in Australia, which means that he cannot fly to the UK to perform his scheduled gigs. 

Leo took to social media to share this news with everyone, revealing that he had been ill. Up until his announcement, people were not aware of why the shows had been canceled.

Providing details of his illness, the star said that he has various kidney, prostate, and bladder complications, which require him to remain in hospice in the near future.

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