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Monday, October 2, 2023

Jungkook Thanks His Haters

In recent news, Jungkook has opened up about how he is grateful for the malicious comments that his haters tend to leave with respect to his music. 

The artist has made it clear that he does not appreciate hating on him, but he is thankful that they take the time to pay attention to him. 

The BTS star recently participated in a listening party for his most recent drop, 3D, which he collaborated on with Jack Harlow.

Jungkook noted that there are numerous people out there who consistently hate him and his music.

However, he added that he prefers to take a different approach to his haters and considers the fact that they are spending their time on him.

Consequently, the time that they spend on him is considered as a form of interest by the musician, who believes they are simply different kinds of fans. 

According to the BTS popstar, if his haters had no interest in him, they would not make the effort to pass comments related to his music.

During the same conversation, Jungkook took to expressing his love for all the fans who support and love him. He further added that he does not love his haters because he can never condone hatred. 

Just a while ago, the boy band member released his debut solo single, titled Seven, which was a collaboration with Latto, an American rapper. 

As of now, he is working on releasing a mini album, which has been scheduled to drop sometime in November.

In a recent interview with his bandmate, Suga, the singer also released that he is working on another single.

Consequently, with multiple singles in the bank, Jungkook is hoping to release his own album. 

The musician further disclosed details regarding his debut solo, saying that it had been difficult to follow up Seven.

The singer also revealed that while he is planning on dropping an album in November, he has not yet started working on any songs for it.

According to the star, he is constantly striving to be better than he was, which has led to his musical ambition to be one of the most appreciated singers of his time. 

Jungkook said that he is waiting for the day when he can look at himself from another person’s perspective and give himself the recognition that he wants. 

In other news, Beyonce has confirmed the news of a movie going around, saying that her Renaissance World Tour concert is being filmed into one. 

In the words of the Crazy In Love singer, the fans wanted her to make a movie, and she is fulfilling this wish of theirs.

The musician announced the concert movie during the final stop of her world tour by debuting the trailer in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Soon after the show came to an end, Beyonce took to social media to post lyrics of her hit track, All Up In Your Mind.

Meanwhile, the trailer includes a couple of snippets of the star performing her songs and preparing for them backstage.

It also depicts the legendary singer in her life as a mom, as she has been spending time with her 11-year-old, Blue Ivy and six-year-olds, Rumi and Sir.

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