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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Jack Steadman Discusses Recording Experience With Chaka Khan

After a collaboration between the Bombay Bicycle Club and Chaka Khan proved to be a success, the frontman of the band, Jack Steadman, spoke of his experience recording with the music legend.

In the words of the singer, he felt a little embarrassed and overwhelmed to be in a fancy studio with the queen.

The band had collaborated with Chaka, who had agreed to provide vocals for their joint track, Tekken 2. 

For this reason, Jack took a flight to Los Angeles to have a session at an upmarket studio that is located near the music legend’s home.

According to the frontman of the Bombay Bicycle Club, he felt pretty embarrassed to learn that he would not be using any high-tech sound equipment present in the studio. 

He recalled that he walked inside and was shocked to see that the mixing desk was the size of an entire house.

All he had with him at the time was his laptop, which he plugged in to connect to Chaka. However, he felt embarrassed that he was unable to use all the equipment that he had at his disposal.

Talking about the music legend, the singer said that he admired the fact that she was not fazed at all by the equipment or his lack of use of it. 

While Jack initially admitted to feeling intimidated by the 70-year-old singer, he did add that he became comfortable after her family arrived.

In the words of the star, the family members of Chaka Khan were pretty friendly and supportive, which allowed him to settle down right away.

Talking about the music legend, the singer said that she is a down-to-earth person who made him feel at home. 

Meanwhile, Chaka also spoke about the collaboration, saying that the message of the song was right up her alley and in line with her philosophy. 

The single created by the band and the 70-year-old will be featured on the new album being released by the Bombay Bicycle Club.

It is all set to be released on the 20th of October and will be featuring various other singers, such as Jay Som, Damon Albarn, Holly Humberstone, and Nilufer Yanya. 

The band has also announced that it is currently planning on going on a tour throughout the UK and Ireland in the months of January and February.

It will begin on the 29th of January in Belfast and end in Cardiff on the 18th of February. 

Meanwhile, the pre-sale tickets will be going on sale from the 25th of October and the rest will be sold starting from the 27th of October. 

In the words of the band, it is also thinking about performing in a summer show, which will be held in the Alexandra Palace Park on the 12th of July in London. 

Talking about going on tour, the Bombay Bicycle Club also stated that it is excited to be sharing its new music with the fans, especially the collaboration with Chaka Khan.

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