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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Travis Scott Deposed For Deadly Astroworld Crowd Crush

In recent news, Travis Scott was made to take an oath and questioned regarding the deadly crowd surge incident that occurred at the Astroworld Festival back in 2021. 

As per sources, the Sicko Mode rapper had been taken in for questioning, which is where he remained for about eight hours in the city of Houston, Texas. 

It was revealed that the musician was under oath for a civil deposition related to numerous lawsuits that were filed against him by the people injured during the crowd crush back in November of 2021. 

As per Ted Anatasiou, the spokesperson for Travis, his deposition was a typical legal procedure, and he did not understand why people were making it out to be a disaster. 

He added that the media was continuously hounding the rapper and labeling him the bad guy. In his words, Travis had not done anything and had been cleared after government investigations, including the Houston Police Department. 

Ted further assured the public that the 32-year-old will be fully cooperating with further proceedings, as he has been up until now. 

Moreover, he added that the musician will continue to remain committed to his tour to support the record-breaking sales of his album, Utopia. 

According to Ted, Travis is also determined to continue his charitable efforts to support communities that are currently at risk. 

The crowd crush incident had occurred back when the 32-year-old had been headlining a set, which was being held at the NRG Park in Houston.

Due to the surge, ten people in total lost their lives, while numerous others were injured. 

This deposition is the first time that the rapper, who also founded the Astroworld Festival, has been questioned by attorneys representing the people who have filed lawsuits against him for that night. 

Back in June, a jury did not find the hitmaker guilty of the crowd crush and did not indict him and five other people on criminal charges.

However, the outlet revealed that it had over 1,500 active cases on the matter, especially from people who had suffered during the Astroworld tragedy.

Since then, some lawsuits have been settled, but others are still pending. For now, the date set for the first trial in the case is 6th May 2024. 

In other news, Katharine McPhee has said that Russell Brand was harmless in an old interview with Jimmy Fallon that recently resurfaced. 

Over the weekend, the renowned actor was accused of committing sexual assault and rape by no less than four women.

They alleged that they had been victimized by the Get Him to the Greek star between the years 2006 and 2013.

However, Russell has vehemently denied all allegations. Soon after, various social media users began to share clips of old interviews that highlighted his behavior with others in the past. 

One of these videos involved McPhee, who had been invited to be on the Tonight Show with the actor in 2013.

When she approached the chairs to sit down, Russell held her hand, and she sat in his lap, joking that she could stay there for the interview.

But the actress looked visibly shocked when the star laughed and started to bounce her up and down on his knee. In the process, he also grabbed her hips.

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