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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo Felt Sad To Have Worked Throughout Childhood

Upon her 20th birthday, Olivia Rodrigo felt sad because she came to the realization that she had spent most of her childhood working.

According to The Driving License singer, when she turned 20 back in February, she felt overwhelmed with sadness because she realized that she had been unable to have most formative experiences.

She candidly said that she had worked her entire childhood and had realized that she was not going to get it back.

She went on to say that she had not attended any football games nor did she have a group of girlfriends to hang out with after school, which left her feeling sad.

The singer had only been 12 years old when she joined the Disney Channel with the TV show Bizaardvark back in 2016.

She had also been part of the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series for three reasons and had only recently left the network.

She confessed that she was grateful to Disney for providing her such an amazing opportunity, but being a child star could be really difficult at times.

Rodrigo shared that working at such a young age can be quite interesting because it often makes you feel trivialized as if you are not being taken seriously.

She said that being a child and an actor at the same time can be hard and sometimes you are taken advantage of.

She added that it is a big responsibility because you can be criticized by the public and you are required to work and be on set while your friends are attending pool parties and hanging out.

But, she admitted that she would not change it. The Good 4 U hitmaker also admitted that she was glad that her music career had taken off because it had allowed her to leave the High School Musical series early.

She said that having two full-time jobs was immensely stressful i.e. acting and songwriting, especially when you want to do both of them well. 

She revealed that she had always wanted to focus on songwriting and pursue music, but balancing both obligations had proved to be difficult.

Olivia also revealed that it felt good to know that every age group is able to enjoy her music and it is not just limited to Gen Z.

She said that it was exciting to see people support artists who would usually be deemed for young people.

The 20-year old said that it was great to interact with fans of her age who are facing the same struggles as her in real-time, but it was also fun to experience adults being able to relate to her songs as well.

Talking about her music, she said that when Drivers License had come out, people from all walks of life had come up to her to share how they were able to relate to it.

Olivia remarked that it was cool to realize that everyone is more similar than they are different.

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