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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Lorde To Release New Music

In recent news, Lorde has revealed that she has been quietly working on new music during her time in London.

The Green Light hitmaker added that she has been residing in the capital of Britain since the month of May and did not inform anyone of her whereabouts, as she wanted to spend some time by herself.

In addition, the star revealed that she feels like she has more clarity in the country. She believes that this is a great opportunity for her to be alone with her thoughts and see friends that she has not met in a long time. 

According to Lorde, shortly before she visited London, she was living a monotonous life. 

Explaining in detail, the 26-year-old singer said that she used to go swimming, work in the studio, and would take a train or walk home.

Moreover, the star revealed that she would eat in her kitchen alone and was starting to feel homesick for her friends and family.

Consequently, the New Zealand-born musician traveled to London to spend some quality time with the people she loved.

The last time Lorde released a track was back in 2021 when she put out Solar Power. 

In the words of the singer, being in London has further helped her because she is battling an undisclosed illness and needs to rest.

Real name Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, the 26-year-old has not taken her medication for a week despite being on it for over a decade.

She added that the lack of medicine was starting to cause her health to deteriorate and made her severely ill on a couple of occasions. 

The singer claims that she stopped taking the yellow pill that she has been on since she was 15 because it was causing a lot of harm to her. 

According to the hitmaker, her gut is currently not functioning properly, and her skin is becoming worse than ever. 

The Royals popstar further revealed that she has a bad habit of not paying attention to the needs of her body.

Consequently, she has fallen ill and is now being forced to take care of herself and her body, especially after ignoring it for so long. 

In the words of Lorde, she realized it was a little too late that she had trouble listening to her body.

However, she has now started to try and is ashamed of how many times she was harsh toward it. 

Despite the issues that she is currently facing, the Grammy-winning star has added that she is determined to push through and make it through the illness that is causing her harm.

She has also opened up about how her struggles often leave her feelings isolated and upset because she does not feel up to being around other people.

Even so, the 26-year-old has affirmed that she is doing well and looked back on the past couple of months with fondness. 

Despite things being difficult for Lorde at the beginning of the year, she is grateful to have gone through what she did, as it has brought her back to music and given her the opportunity to reunite with the people she holds dear.

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