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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Tax Evasion Charges Filed Against Shakira

In recent news, the tax authorities have taken to file charges of evasion against Shakira for the second time in her career.

Sources have revealed that the Colombian star is now facing a tax fraud case after she allegedly did not pay a sum of 6.7 million Euros as tax on her earned income back in 2018.

Authorities in Spain have conducted a thorough investigation against the musician and then filed the charges to ensure that she pays what she owes.

The 46-year-old has been accused of trying to avoid paying taxes and using an offshore company that is located in a tax haven. 

However, prosecutors in Barcelona are confident that they have managed to find the trail that could help them in obtaining the taxes owed by the singer.

The Wherever, Whenever hitmaker, as per a statement released by the authorities in Spain, has been made aware of the charges.

She is currently residing in Miami, where she relocated from Barcelona, and was given the news there. 

Moreover, the tax authorities have stated that Shakira will be tried in the courts of Barcelona, where she has to face charges of six counts of tax fraud.

The first appearance in court will take place in November and the Prosecutors will be trying the musician for evading to pay taxes of 14.5 million euros. 

As a result, the star is facing around eight years in prison, along with a large fine, if she is found guilty in all of the six counts of tax fraud. 

When asked about the charges in a recent interview, the hitmaker stated that the allegations were baseless and that she had paid everything that she owed.

In the words of the 46-year-old, she paid taxes on her income, even before the Prosecutors in Barcelona filed the lawsuit against her.

She went on to add that she has enough proof to help prove that she is innocent in the matter.

Tax fraud charges against Shakira were first announced in 2022 when the authorities took to investigating a new tax probe, which was related to the musician’s tax returns.

Earlier in the year, the Colombian singer made the move to Miami, soon after she underwent a divorce from Gerard Pique, a former Spanish professional soccer star. 

The pair decided to go their separate ways back in June 2022, after being married for 11 years. They also share two children together. 

In other news, Kelly Osbourne has called out the Duke and Duchess for the second time.

During a recent episode of The Osbournes Podcast, the television personality took to criticizing the royal couple. 

She added that she is disappointed in the pair for giving up on the opportunity to become the most loved and liked people across the globe and bring about a positive change.

In the words of the star, she understands why they had to leave the royal family but is frustrated by how they continue to maintain ties.

According to Kelly, Prince Harry played the victim card and told stories to gain sympathy. However, she added that she does not feel sorry for the Prince, as it life is difficult for everyone and they need to deal with it.

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