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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Nick Cannon Appreciates Mariah Carey for Help Through Lupus

In recent news, Nick Cannon has taken to praise and appreciate his former wife, Mariah Carey, for the role she played in saving his life.

He revealed that when he was first diagnosed with lupus, it was her support that got him through it all.

The 42-year-old presenter went on to open up about how he had been married to the singer when he received the diagnosis. 

Consequently, his wife at the time did not even blink an eye and decided to stick by him no matter what.

In the words of Nick, she was his rock during a difficult time. He believes that he would not have survived if not for her support and care.

He recalled how she would be there for all his doctor’s appointments and deal with his stubbornness in a tactful manner. 

When talking about his former wife’s role as a caregiver, Nick fondly recalled that she was perfect throughout the challenging times.

In his words, she has always been a perfect helpmate, matriarch, as well as mother and wife. 

Moreover, the 42-year-old praised the 54-year-old for loving him enough to take on all the responsibility of his care.

Back in 2012, Nick had first confirmed that he had received a lupus diagnosis, soon after he battled with kidney failure and two significant blood clots in one of his lungs. 

He admitted that the illness took a toll on both of them because he had changed after so many struggles with his health.

However, according to the presenter, the difficulties only brought them closer together. 

The pair were married from 2008 to 2016 and have 12-year twins together named Monroe and Moroccan. 

In other news, Megan Thee Stallion has taken to launch a website to offer people mental health resources to people and has titled it ‘Seize The Awkward’.

She took to Instagram to reveal that she has always been told to be strong, so she is channeling that into helping other people.

The singer also shared a video about opening up and that it is not something that comes naturally to everyone.

Therefore, she has created a safe space for people to seek the help that they may need.

The WAP artist went on to encourage people to come to the aid of people who are struggling mentally. She motivated her fans to reach out to a friend if they were having a tough time.

According to Megan, everyone goes through a difficult time and experiences vulnerability. Thus, people sometimes need someone to understand and validate them. 

The singer has taken to upload a number of videos on the website, which discuss several topics, such as opening up.

In addition, several other stars have been featured in videos on the website, who are discussing various mental health issues.

These celebrities include Ava Max, Noah Cyrus, Tyler Posey, and Liza Coshy, to name a few. 

This is not the first mental health-related website that the popstar has created. Her previous website also lists a number of resources to reach out to for help, including their links and numbers.

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