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Monday, September 11, 2023

Ozzy Osbourne Upset Over Canceled Show

Just recently, Ozzy Osbourne explained that he feels upset and heartbroken, given that he cannot give a performance at the famous Power Trip Festival. 

The frontman of the Black Sabbath made an announcement back in July, saying that he had made a painful decision.

Consequently, he revealed that he would not be able to perform at the three-day event being held at the Empire Polo Club in California.

According to the 74-year-old, he has to back out of the heavy metal festival because of his ongoing health issues. However, no one besides his family is aware of what those issues are.

In his words, it is too upsetting for him to divulge to his fans what he is going through, and, therefore, he has chosen to keep it under wraps. 

His daughter was asked for a comment on his health, to which she responded that they cannot talk about it in the house either because it upsets her father.

Kelly Osbourne went on to say that it hurts her to see that her once lively father is now withdrawn and upset because all he wants to do is perform at one more event, but his health will not allow him to do so. 

The wife of the musician also commented on the news, saying that Ozzy wants to be in a show where all of his friends are. 

In her words, he is upset at the fact that everyone gets to go on with their lives while he is left behind. 

The family of the 74-year-old has admitted that, as of now, Ozzy is strong enough to perform for his fans.

However, he is limited in movement and, thus, does not want to be at a festival where he has to sit and sing rather than move around and hype the crowd. 

Sharon Osbourne further revealed that there is nothing wrong with the singer’s voice, and the only thing that is hurting him right now is his mobility.

The musician believes that if he cannot jump around with his fans, then a performance is not worth it.  

The Paranoid rocker is currently recovering from a fallback in 2019, which led to him undergoing surgery.

As per his family members, he has been doing fairly well but is nowhere healthy enough to get back on the road or the stage. 

Moreover, Ozzy was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a while ago, which severely hindered his ability to perform.

As a result, the musician decided to halt performances completely since he believed that he was not able to give his best to the fans. 

Thus, it came as no surprise when the 74-year-old bowed out of performing at the festival.

According to him, his original plan had been to return to the industry in the summer of 2024. He explained how excited he had been at the prospect of doing the Power Trip as well.

But as time has passed, the musician said that he has realized that he needs more time to recover. 

Consequently, Judas Priest will be taking Ozzy’s position in the band and at the festival.

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