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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo Opens Up About Struggle To Write Songs

In recent news, Olivia Rodrigo has opened up about how she struggled to come up with song lyrics for tracks that are now a part of her new album, Guts.

In the words of the singer, she was held back by doubt and anxiety whenever she would sit down to pen down lyrics to the new songs.

She revealed that she had initially thought that the songs would come easy to her as they did for her first album.

However, the Drivers License singer was disappointed in herself on various occasions. She was constantly trying to surpass or match the success that she had experienced with her first album, called Sour. 

Opening up about her journey, the 20-year-old said that there were days when she would just sit at the piano and think about how she would never be able to come up with something great again.

Moreover, she would constantly think about the mean things that people would say and compare her to other celebrities. 

Soon enough, she decided that she would start writing with Dan Nigro, one of her collaborators.

Consequently, from August of 2022, Olivia and he worked tirelessly in his garage studio, as they had many times before.

This further helped the singer, who believed that she was not ready for a new recording environment.

She believed that a change in setting would only add to her fear, doubt, and anxiety instead of giving her the peace of mind that she needed to write. 

According to the 20-year-old, she often experienced days where she would just go to Dan’s studio and cry because she was unable to fight through the stress of not being able to do her best.

Thus, the pair then decided that it was best to bring in new co-writers and inject fresh and creative ideas into the writing process.

This was done primarily because Olivia had expressed how she wanted to learn from other musicians and witness their process firsthand. 

The hitmaker revealed that during this time, Jack White gave her some advice that she believes was the key to helping her through. He told her that she should write songs that she wanted to listen to on the radio.

As a result, the musician was able to get her creative juices flowing and write songs that would appeal to a large audience. 

In other news, the Buzzcocks have been granted a position in the Music Walk Of Fame, located in Camden.

They have been placed at the esteemed location alongside various artists, such as Madness, Amy Winehouse, The Who, and David Bowie. 

As per the relevant committees, the band deserved a place on the Walk Of Fame for their impact and influence on the industry. 

Moreover, they are celebrated across the globe for 45 years of nurturing the world of pop culture.

On the occasion of their induction, the Buzzcocks members received praise and congratulations from various artists and celebrities worldwide. 

From Paul Cook to Liam Gallagher, various celebrities came forth to applaud the band for its great achievement.

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