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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Normani And Sam Smith Win Lawsuit

In recent news, Normani and Sam Smith have emerged victorious in their copyright infringement battle.

This copyright claim is related to a collaboration that the two did back in 2019, called Dancing With A Stranger.

The people who filed the lawsuit in March 2022 were songwriters Rosco Banlaoi, Christopher Miranda, and Jordan Vincent.

According to the trio, the pair had infringed upon the copyright of a track they wrote back in 2015, which had the same name.

In their words, Dancing With A Stranger, which was co-written by popular songwriter, Jimmy Napes, had copied the lyrics. 

It went on to accuse Stargate, the production duo, of copying the melodic contour, structure, feel, rhythm, metric placement of syllables, and pitch sequence of their song. 

As a result, back in September of 2022, Normani and Sam’s lawyers requested the judge to dismiss the case simply.

Later on, a federal judge presiding in California took the musicians’ side and rejected the proceedings of the lawsuit. 

According to Judge Wesley L. Hsu, the similarities claimed by the Plaintiffs were not protected under the law. 

In his words, there are some musical building blocks that are a part of the public domain and, thus, cannot be protected by the law. 

Moreover, the Judge ruled that the phrase, which is also the title of the two songs ‘Dancing With A Stranger’, is not unique enough to be protected under copyright. 

As per the court, there are various songs that consist of more than twenty references to the term. 

The former Fifth Harmony star and the Unholy singer have yet to make any comment regarding their legal victory. 

In other news, Britney Spears revealed that she was afraid to give a performance with a snake back in 2001 when she was invited to the MTV Video Music Awards.

The superstar took to Instagram to recall how she had to hold a live python on the show when she was giving a performance on her iconic song, Slave 4 U. 

The 41-year-old also claimed that the show is still one of her favorites. In her words, she was scared, but she enjoyed every moment of it.

In the caption of the video she posted, the Toxic hitmaker added that she will detail the experience in more detail when she reveals her new memoir, called The Woman In Me. 

Providing insight into the book, she said that she would be discussing several of her favorite performances in it.

Moreover, the 41-year-old revealed that the book will be released on the 24th of October, so people can gain insights into her most outrageous and interesting performances. 

The Instagram post regarding the snake comes only a day after Britney debuted a new snake tattoo, which she got on the lower side of her back. 

She captioned the photo saying that she was happy and excited to have taken this step. She iterated that she had been wanting to get this tattoo for a while now and finally decided it was time.

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