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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Lizzo Receives Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award

In recent news, Lizzo has been granted the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award right as she struggles with a lawsuit controversy.

As per the award, the musician has been recognized as a superstar at the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) gala, which took place in Los Angeles.

Just hours before she was awarded the accolade, the musician was slapped with another lawsuit, which accused her of fostering a difficult and hostile work environment. 

People believe that this could be the reason why the hitmaker did not make an appearance on the red carpet of the gala.

However, when her name was announced, she appeared on the stage at The Beverly Hilton, where she was introduced by the dancers at Big Grrrl.

The Juice singer took to thanking everyone who helped her achieve the milestone and expressed gratitude to the dancers who gave her the award. 

She went on to add that she needed this accolade right now, hinting that she has been struggling with the lawsuits surrounding her.

Moreover, Lizzo said that the award has further affirmed her faith in God because his timing turned out to be perfect.

The singer kept her speech short because, according to her, she did not know what to say.  

But she did add that it is easier to do the right thing when other people are watching, but what truly defines humans is what they do when no one is around. 

In her words, the musician said that she will continue to be who she is, irrespective of how many eyes are on her. 

She further added that she will continue to appreciate those who are trying to help others and deserve all the love in the world. 

According to Lizzo, she is a representative of ‘fat black women’, and she will strive to create more safe spaces for them because that is what she loves doing. 

Earlier in the day, the pop singer was hit with a lawsuit, which was filed by Asha Daniels, one of her former wardrobe designers.

She worked on the musician’s latest tour and filed a suit afterward against Lizzo, Amanda Nomura, who was the wardrobe manager, and Carlina Gugliotta, the tour manager, in a court in Los Angeles. 

The lawsuit claimed that the three accused were allegedly responsible for various claims that included sexual harassment, disability discrimination, and illegal retaliatory termination and assault. 

However, the legal team that represents the hitmaker denied all the charges and said that they were only a publicity stunt and carried no weight.

This legal action comes barely two months after three dancers who used to work for Lizzo decided to file a suit of their own.

They accused the singer and her company of religious, racial, and sexual harassment. One of their claims also related to disability discrimination and the creation of a hostile work environment. 

Back then, the popstar’s legal team denied all the allegations made, while Lizzo went on to say that she was not responsible and would never be involved in matters like these.

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