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Friday, September 22, 2023

Joe Jonas Responds To Claims

In recent news, Joe Jonas has decided to respond to claims made by his now estranged wife, Sophie Turner.

According to the actress, the musician is withholding the passports of their daughters and refusing to let her see them. 

The Game of Thrones star went on to file a lawsuit against Joe, requesting the court to help her secure the immediate return of her children.

In her words, her estranged husband has refused to hand over their passports, which has prevented her from taking them to her native England, where she allegedly relocated back in April.

However, the Jonas Brothers singer has issued a lengthy statement through his representative, claiming that Sophie had filed a misleading lawsuit.

The statement said that the legal disagreement regarding the marriage has raised some concerns, especially since words such as ‘abduction’ have been used by the attorney representing the actress.

According to Joe, he has not abducted his children, but they have been in his care for the last three months.

He claims that this agreement had been agreed upon before time by the two parties. The star believes that his estranged wife has made these claims to try and move the divorce proceedings to the UK.

The singer went on to accuse Sophie of wanting to take the children away from the US and, thereby, limit his contact with them permanently. 

The representative who made the statement alleged that the daughters of the former couple were in Sophie’s care up until a couple of days ago.

They said that she and the musician had decided to have a meeting in New York and discuss the co-parenting agreement that they would be enforcing. 

But, the representative claims that the actress changed her mind 24 hours later, saying that she permanently wanted to take her children to the UK. 

Consequently, she filed a case in court to force Joe to hand over the passports of their children so they could be taken out of the country right away. 

As per the statement, the 34-year-old singer filed for divorce earlier in the month of September, as he believed it was the appropriate jurisdiction to file the case.

This was mainly due to the fact that the family was residing in Miami up until the beginning of the year. 

Since then, a court in Florida issued an order that restricted the two parents from relocating the children.

Consequently, Joe’s representative said that if the singer were to hand over the passports, he would only be violating a direct court order. 

Moreover, Joe has denied any allegations of blindsiding Sophie with the divorce. The actress had claimed that he had not informed her prior to filing the case and that she found out through social media. 

The representative stated that the Jonas Brothers singer is fine with raising the children both in the UK and the US.

However, he believes that since the children were born in America and have spent substantial time in the country, they are citizens of the US.

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