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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Halsey To Drop Her Fifth Album

In recent news, Halsey has teased that she will soon be dropping her fifth studio album.

The 28-year-old star took to the social media app, Instagram, to share a couple of pictures. While the pictures did not relate to the album in any way, the caption hinted that she is currently working on new tracks.

In the caption, the musician said that she is working day and night to give her fans the fifth ‘gift’ in ten years.

The singer, who uses pronouns they/she, explained a while ago that any new music that she made would not be classified in a single genre parameter.

Back then, she told her fans that she would be approaching this album the same way she added tracks to a previous album, Manic. 

In her words, Halsey does not want to be bound by a single genre and wants to explore her potential to the full. She said that she wanted to see which track sounded good to her and put it on the album. 

While discussing the album, the 28-year-old further added that it will consist of some of her best songwriting up until now. 

According to the musician, she has been through a lot of things, which has empowered her to showcase her pain and joy in the way she thinks is best. 

Earlier in the year, the Without Me hitmaker parted ways with Capitol, her former record label. Soon after, news surfaced of her having signed a new record deal with Columbia Records.

While the news had not been confirmed by the star or the record label back then, in April, the matter was discussed once again. 

At the time, the managers of the 11 Minutes singer and Anti-Pop’s Anthony Li and Jason Aron confirmed that Halsey had decided to depart from Capitol Records after spending eight years with them. 

The musician also issued a statement then, saying that her decision to leave Capitol had been bittersweet.

However, she expressed that she was excited to explore a new partnership with Columbia Records and share new music with the people who love her. 

The label also took to writing its own heartfelt statement, in which it acknowledged the work that it had put in to aid Halsey in achieving her dreams and presenting her music to the world.

The statement went on to express pride at the star’s accomplishments and wished her the best for her future endeavors. 

Consequently, Columbia Records also confirmed that the singer was back with them. They are a major label for the star, as she released two of her biggest hits, Without Me and Closer, with the company. 

While neither party said anything about the reason why the 28-year-old walked away from Capitol, sources believe that it was related to a song.

At the time of the release of So Good, Halsey and the record label had allegedly disagreed about the song being put on TikTok before its release to make it go viral. 

The Bad At Love singer made a TikTok back then and went on to claim that Capitol refused to release the tune unless it could fake a viral moment on the platform.

Ironically, the TikTok made by the musician ended up going viral, and the record label released the song.

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