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Friday, August 11, 2023

Travis Scott Hints At First Tour Since The Astroworld Tragedy

In recent news, Travis Scott has dropped hints about releasing a new album, which is going to be his first record launch after the Astroworld tragedy in 2021.

As per a news report, 10 attendees who were attending the singer’s concert back then had lost their lives. 

But now, the hip-hop star has announced the release of Utopia: Circus Maximus, which will be heading a tour to the US, as well as Europe. 

In the announcement, Travis added that he was missing the road and going up on stage. More so than anything, he added, he was missing his fans. 

This will be the first-ever tour that the singer will be a part of after eight people lost their lives in the crowd crush at his last concert. Two other attendees passed away while under care at the hospital in the next couple of days. 

The cause of death revealed for all concertgoers was said to be compressive asphyxiation, which led to suffocation. This was a result of external pressure, which caused these people to lose their lives.

Where the new album is concerned, the singer has yet to announce release dates and months. 

The announcement of Travis’s new record comes shortly after the star held a concert for around 60,000 fans at the well-known and historic Circus Maximus, located in Rome.

Shortly after he started performing, the star also brought in a fellow musician, namely Kanye West. 

The show was held to welcome Travis’s upcoming LP, called Utopia. This is said to be the biggest release in the hip-hop industry in 2023.

Up until now, it has managed to sell no less than 500,000 albums in the first week alone and has had over 650 million streams across the globe. 

In addition, Apple Music has recorded the greatest number of first-day streams of a record in 2023. Spotify also named the LP its most streamed album in 2023 on the first day.

The music-streaming platform revealed that the record had 128 million streams on its first day and around 79 million on its second day.

This achievement is bigger than what any rap album has managed to release in the entire year. 

Just a couple of days ago, the rapper’s team clapped back at a comment made by the attorney of a victim of Astroworld. In their words, the release of the new album is tone-deaf.

The lawyer, Bob Hilliard, is representing the family of Ezra Blount, a 10-year-old victim of the Astroworld tragedy. He said that Travis’s team is only concerned with the release of the new album and not the tragedy that took lives and injured various people. 

In his words, it is shocking to see that someone who makes a living making music can be so tone-deaf about the things going around him. 

As per the attorney, it is not okay for the rapper to act as if he is blame-free, simply because he was indicted. 

Bob further urged that the representatives and team of the artist, as well as Travis himself, do not insult the memory of the 10-year-old deceased victim and find a way to honor all of them, before releasing a new album as if nothing ever happened.

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