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Thursday, August 10, 2023

BLACKPINK Marks Its 7th Anniversary

In recent news, BLACKPINK has marked its 7th year of being in the music industry and has now paid tribute to its loyal fan base.

Lisa, Jennie, Jusoo, and Rosé, who are all a part of the South Korean girl band, took to their own social media accounts to thank their fans, the Blinks, for ensuring that their dreams were made into reality.

Rosé posted a couple of snaps on Instagram of various moments from the band’s music career so far. 

In the caption, she went on to thank BLACKPINK for bringing her success and being a huge blessing in her life. In her words, she has now experienced everything that she wanted to and more than what she had dreamed of.

According to the singer, she had grown up wanting to be an artist, but still cannot believe that she has made it. The caption ended with her thanking her fans ‘a thousand’ times.

Meanwhile, Lisa took to writing about how 7 is one of her favorite numbers, and she hopes that this will be a lucky number for the entire band. 

Jennie also went on Instagram to talk about how much she loves the other band members and the Blinks. 

Jisoo, on the other hand, made two different posts on her account. One talked about how BLACKPINK is everywhere, while the other one hyped up the Blinks and the band itself. 

Due to the South Korean band achieving a career milestone, its label, YG Entertainment, has decided to celebrate the hitmakers of Pink Venom.

On this occasion, it will be hosting a series of special video screenings, which will be held across the US and Asia. These locations will include New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

As per the Yonhap News Agency, all these cities will be painted in the color pink to welcome the band with open arms. 

In the city of New Jersey, at the Secaucus Junction Station, no less than 76 screens will be set up and decorated as per the style of the South Korean band. 

In addition, the stars of Sour Candy have decided to collaborate with Starbucks to release a special merchandise line in various countries across Asia.

In other news, Ne-Yo has taken back the apology made by his publicist related to comments about young children being allowed to choose their own gender identity. 

During a previous interview, the Closer singer took to questioning those parents who give permission to their children to make such an important and life-changing decision regarding their gender identity when they are young. 

Soon after the R&B singer received backlash, he issued a statement on Twitter, in which he said that he deeply apologizes for the remarks he made. 

However, in an Instagram video now, the singer of Miss Independent has said that the apology came from the computer of his publicist and not from him. 

Ne-Yo went on to add that he is not sorry for the remarks he made and stands by them.

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