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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Stormzy Returns Home For An Exclusive Headline Performance In The UK

In recent news, Stormzy has returned home to give an exclusive performance in the UK and headline All Points East 2023. 

The British icon, along with Sampha, Lucky Daye, Kehlani, and Knucks launched this event as part of Luno to bring back electrifying fashion.

Consequently, they aimed to restart the celebrated music festival of East London with even more pomp. 

Stormzy took to teaming up with the All Points East team and curated This Is What We Mean day. In addition, he took to the stage to give a welcome show and an exclusive in the UK as part of his headlining.

When he got on stage, the star told the crowd that it felt good to be back home and that he missed his hometown. He called the audience his family and expressed how grateful he was for their support. 

According to him, his fans had changed not only his life but his family’s as well, which is why he loved giving back to the community. 

After expressing his gratitude, Stormzy delivered a number of searing songs, as well as banging beats, which had the crowd dancing all night. 

Not only did the people in the audience enjoy the show, but the popstar in a camel shirt and matching shorts managed to take his fans present at the show on a journey of a lifetime.

The rap trailblazer, along with the enormous crowd, enjoyed each and every one of the songs he performed because they encapsulated his entire career. 

In Stormzy’s words, his headline set was a special show for the crowd, given that it mainly covered songs from This Is What I Mean, his most recent record.

Talking about how it came to be, he added that he had come up with the songs when he was experiencing stillness in his life. 

He talked about what a beautiful experience it was, especially when he would look in the mirror and be content with knowing who he was. 

Moreover, before Stormzy started performing his diss track, Rainfall, the city started to pour. This prompted him to talk about the poetic nature of the raindrops.

The singer went on to say that the heavens had opened up for a torrential downpour and were now refusing to let up. 

According to the star, this was a better homecoming than what he was hoping for. He was enjoying being at All Points East with all his heart.

Where other performances are concerned, Kehlani managed to dazzle the crowd with her R&B songs. 

From the first note to the last, fans were enthralled by how she kept the night alive. The charismatic Californian was much appreciated for her stage presence.

Kehlani later expressed her gratitude for the audience in London, saying that she is glad that they are her second biggest listeners. 

In her words, she would not be where she is without the love and support she gets from people in her hometown, as well as people in London.

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