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Monday, August 21, 2023

Britney Spears Talks About Divorce

In recent news, Britney Spears has broken her silence for the first time on the matter of her divorce.

Just a couple of days ago, her soon-to-be ex-husband announced that the couple was splitting up.

Now, the singer has opened up about the reason behind the split, saying that she could not bear the pain anymore.

Previously, the Iranian-American actor and model had said that he and his wife has a couple of irreconcilable differences and could not live together anymore. 

The 29-year-old took to filing a petition for divorce in a court in Los Angeles.

As per court documents, all Sam wants is to ensure that legal fees and spousal support are paid by the singer.

Where the 41-year-old is concerned, she is currently in shock that her six-year-long relationship with the model has come to an end.

She took to Instagram to write up a post about the breakup, saying that she would not explain why they separated because it is no one’s business. 

However, she said that she had been pretending for far too long that everything was okay.

The singer went on to add that despite the fact that her Instagram looks perfect, it is far from what is happening behind closed doors.

In her words, she wants to let all her emotions out, but she is unable to. The reason cited for her holding back is that Britney does not care to show people her weaknesses.

According to the legendary hitmaker, she promised herself that she was going to be strong through it all and is currently doing pretty well.

The two met when Britney had gone to Sam to be her fitness trainer, back when she was going to shoot a video for her 2016 song, Slumber Party.

He had since then been a vocal supporter of all her strength, as she went on to fight her father, Jamie Spears, and end his conservatorship.

Just a couple of months before the pair got married, the 41-year-old had managed to free herself from her father’s control. 

In September of 2021, the happy couple had gotten engaged and were married in June last year in a small and private ceremony. 

However, early this year, rumors started to circulate regarding the couple’s marital struggles, and the two were believed to be split up a couple of months ago.

This was because the two had been sighted on various occasions without their wedding rings.

Sam also took to making a post of his own on Instagram, in which he said that after six years full of love and commitment, he and his wife had decided to end their time together. 

In his post, he talked about how he will always respect and love Britney and wish her the best. 

He went on to add that he would prefer some privacy at this time, but that seemed ridiculous to request from the media and fans.

Thus, he simply asked them to be thoughtful and kind, as the couple goes through this difficult time.

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