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Friday, August 18, 2023

Sam Asghari Speaks Out About Split With Britney Spears

In recent news, Sam Asghari has spoken up about his separation from his wife, Britney Spears.

In an Instagram Story on Thursday, the Iranian-American actor and model broke his silence on the matter and revealed that he had split up with the Hold Me Close star. 

He went on to write that the two had enjoyed 6 years of commitment and love, but the time has now come for them to end their journey. 

Sam further stated on the platform that the pair will continue to treat each other with love and respect, instead of ending things on bad terms. 

The model closed his post by wishing his soon-to-be former wife the best in life. 

A day before, Sam had taken to court to begin divorce proceedings and separate from the singer. 

As per the filing, the couple had not been living together since the 28th of July, when they had decided to part ways for good. 

When talking about the reason for the split, he added that things do not always go the way you plan.

As per the actor, he thought it is ridiculous to ask for privacy because he knows he will not be granted any. Thus, he just requested the media and people to be thoughtful and kind. 

When the news of the split broke out on social media, rumors were circulated about Sam’s plans to challenge the prenuptial agreement that he and Britney had.

However, a source close to the model said that these claims are baseless. They added that Sam is not planning on contesting the contract, nor threatening to release videos of his ex on the internet. 

The source clarified that the Iranian-American’s intentions have never been negative towards Britney and they will never be. As per the representative, he will always support the star. 

In other news, Drake has made one of his fans quite happy by gifting her a Hermès Birkin handbag during a performance. 

The rapper had a gig scheduled in Los Angeles, during which he walked onto the stage with the pricy handbag and surprised fans.

But what made everyone in the audience go crazy was the singer gifting this bag to a fan who was standing in the front row. 

A concertgoer successfully filmed this gesture and posted it on TikTok for all to see. 

The clip posted by Designer Ave, showed Drake approaching the end of the stage with the pink handbag in his hand and announcing that he was not cheap.

As the crowd went wild, the Hotline Bling hitmaker picked a recipient from the crowd and gifted it to her.

He also turned and spoke to security, instructing them to make sure that when the girl leaves the premises, she is escorted to safety to ensure that no one tries to take it from her. 

Following this surprising event, fans took to social media to joke about how they will only purchase front-row tickets to Drake’s concerts from now on. 

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