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Monday, August 28, 2023

Sabrina Carpenter To Be A Part Of The Eras Tour

In recent news, Sabrina Carpenter has revealed how shocked she was when she was told that she would be a part of the Eras Tour.

The 24-year-old has been chosen to be a part of the tour as a support to Taylor Swift in 2024 when the star starts her trek in Europe. 

Sabrina has been invited as a special guest, and she is on cloud nine.

The singer revealed that she feels lucky to be granted this opportunity and is ready to travel with and learn from one of her biggest childhood inspirations. 

In her words, the 24-year-old added that she does not know what to say since her mind has been blank ever since she heard the news. 

According to Sabrina, Taylor has been her primary inspiration since she was a little girl, and she cannot believe that she will be watching each show of the Eras Tour personally.

Moreover, the star expressed how unbelievably happy she is at the thought of being able to go to numerous places with the Love Story hitmaker.

The 24-year-old recalled how she grew up listening to the advice that Taylor would give in her songs. In her words, she learned to survive as a young woman through the popstar’s songs. 

Back in the month of June, Taylor revealed that she will be going on tour in Europe, and the shows will kick off from the 9th of May, 2024.

The first performance of the Eras Tour will be in Paris, which will be followed up by numerous gigs in Madrid, Lyon, Lisbon, and Stockholm. 

Other cities that are a part of the star’s trek are Liverpool, London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Zurich, Amsterdam, Milan, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen, Vienna, Warsaw, and Munich. 

In an Instagram post, Taylor revealed all the locations and the dates and hinted that she would be revealing a special guest.

She later mentioned that that special guest was going to be Sabrina Carpenter, who will be joining her on the Eras International Tour. 

In the words of the star, she cannot wait to see all her fans and start performing in all the beautiful cities of Europe. 

The Eras Tour is the first from the Bad Blood singer since 2018. She is mainly celebrating the release of her 2019 album, Lover, along with the rest of her albums.

The songs that Taylor will perform on her tour will also include those from her hit albums, released in 2020, namely Evermore and Folklore.

These records were dropped soon after the coronavirus pandemic, prior to which their recording and release had been delayed out of respect. 

The American leg of the Eras Tour has been widely acclaimed for its many feats. Some of those include the use of three stages, which are made completely out of digital display units.

Using these display units, the star has managed to give phenomenal performances. 

In one of her shows, she appeared to be diving into a swimming pool and emerged in a completely different outfit.

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