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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Brandon Flowers Discusses Bringing Russian Fan Onstage

In recent news, Brandon Flowers has spoken up about the backlash he received when he brought a Russian fan on the stage during one of his performances. 

As per the frontman of the Killers’ all he did was bring a Russian fan onstage, without thinking that it would mean so much to people.

He recalled how during his childhood, he was taught to be communal, which is what he thought concerts were supposed to be.

However, Brandon added that he had to face an impossible situation. He thought that he was making an effort to promote unity. 

Instead, he was branded as a pro-Russian individual, carrying out an occupation. 

This incident occurred during a concert in Georgia, where tensions are high due to the countries sharing a border.

Moreover, the relations between the two countries worsened after Moscow invaded Ukraine in the previous year, and numerous Russians decided to emigrate to Russia.

Consequently, when the singer brought a Russian fan on the stage to help play the drums with the band, it caused quite a controversy.

The frontman said that he had done this on purpose to iterate that people in the country are brothers and sisters. 

But soon after the Russian came up on stage, a significant number of fans booed The Killers or walked out in protest. 

During an interview, Brandon said that it was sad how everything played out, given that he had only brought a fan on stage. 

In other news, Dolly Parton has announced that she turned down an invitation to spend the afternoon with Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

According to the star, she was supposed to have tea with royalty on her recent work trip to London, but she turned down the invitation.

As per the 77-year-old, country superstar talked about how she wanted to have tea with Kate but was unable to go.

She spoke about the Princess, saying how nice and sweet it was of her to invite Dolly to sit down and have a chat.

While she could not go this time around, the star said that she would fulfil this dream of hers on one of her upcoming trips. 

The 77-year-old went on to joke that the only reason she declined the invitation was because the Princess would not help promote her new album. 

However, the real reason for Dolly not being able to have tea with Kate was due to her tight schedule. 

As per the Here You Come Again hitmaker, she did not even have enough time to go sightseeing in London. 

Dolly went on to talk about how much she loves London and the people here. However, she regrets that she is unable to go out and see the wonderful sights that the city has to offer or meet the people. 

As of now, the star is getting ready to drop her most recent album, which will be her 49th studio record. 

It has been titled Rockstar and will include collaborations with various music icons, such as Ringo Star, Elton John, Sting, and Sir Paul McCartney.

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