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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Paris Jackson Requests Protection Order

In recent news, Paris Jackson has requested a protection order from the court after she alleged that a long-term stalker tried to trespass on her property.

The 25-year-old daughter of the now-deceased Michael Jackson claimed that a man appeared at her doorstep a couple of days ago.

In her words, she did not let him in. Rather, he scaled her fence and started to look through her windows. 

As per the legal documents that Paris’s lawyer submitted, she does not know the man who is stalking her.

However, she revealed that he had previously been arrested from her property. The musician further reported that he has been sending her unwanted and creepy messages since 2019. 

Paris has now requested a judge to grant her a protection order to ensure that her stalker stays at least 100 yards away from her.

Moreover, she wants him to keep his distance from her car, her home, as well as any venue that she is performing at.

Paris had further insisted that the man should be banned from contacting her in any way, especially online.

As per law enforcement, the star filed another report of a man making his way to her front door just two days after she requested a restraining order.

However, the 25-year-old was not at home at the time.

The Threat Management team of the Los Angeles Police Department has reported that they are currently investigating the case brought by the musician. 

In other news, The Game has called out 50 Cent for causing injury to a woman with his microphone during one of his performances.

The Eazy rapper slammed the musician by posting a video about the incident on his Instagram story.

In the video, the Da Club rapper can be seen injuring a woman during one of his performances in Los Angeles when he hurled the microphone off the stage and into the crowd.

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, captioned his post saying that 50 Cent, namely Curtis Jackson, came to Los Angeles to hit women.

This allegation from the musician came shortly after a TikTok of 50 Cent went viral, in which he can be seen throwing a microphone into the crowd.

The reason he threw the mic was because it had stopped working, and the rapper became impatient.

However, the object did not just hit any fan, rather the host of Power 106 on radio, Bryhana Monegan. 

The radio show host ended up getting hit in the forehead. Shortly after, she announced that she would be filing a report with the police.

Bryana went through with the case, and 50 Cent was charged with criminal battery.

After the report of a lawsuit started circulating online, Scott Leemon, the attorney representing 50 Cent, denied claims that the rapper had intentionally thrown the microphone at the host.

In his words, Curtis is not capable of hurting someone intentionally, and anyone saying that he is violent is misinformed. 

According to Bryana, she needed to get stitches and her head wrapped in gauze due to the injury caused by the microphone.

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