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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Nick Carter Sued For Sexual Assault For The Third Time

In recent news, a third woman has filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Nick Carter.

The singer of Backstreet Boys has now claimed that she was sexually assaulted by him when she was 15 years old and he was 8 years older than her.  

The accuser has chosen to remain anonymous and only provided her initials, AR, to file a lawsuit in the city of Las Vegas.

As per the complaint, AR alleged that Nick sexually assaulted her on various occasions back in 2003. 

She went on to say that the 43-year-old knowingly offered her drugs and alcohol at the time, despite the fact that she was underage.

In her words, she had repeatedly refused to engage in intercourse with him multiple times, but he persisted and paid no heed to her requests to stop.

According to AR, the performer is the reason she had a sexually transmitted infection HPV and had to suffer through severe physical anguish, emotional distress, intimacy issues, as well as other complex traumas. 

Currently, the accuser is seeking $15,000 in damages due to the issues she suffered.

The legal documents obtained from the court stated that the musician’s sexual abuse caused the plaintiff to undergo various mental and physical health issues. 

It was later revealed that AR’s mother, back in 2003, had filed charges of assault with the law enforcement agency in Pennsylvania. However, Nick was never held accountable for them. 

When these allegations reached the I Want It That Way singer, he simply denied them. Through his lawyer, Dal Hayes Jr., he labeled them to be malicious and ridiculous. 

As of now, two other women are currently engaged in a legal battle with the performer, namely singer Melissa Schuman and Shannon ‘Shay’ Ruth. 

In other news, Natasha Bedingfield has decided to cut ties with her record label due to constantly being under pressure to make new music.

As per the 41-year-old pop singer, she receives pressure from the record label to create specific kinds of songs, which is something she does not agree with anymore. 

In her words, Natasha has decided to walk away from the company because she wants her end results to hold some meaning rather than recreating her previous hit songs. 

She recalled how she got into music because it was fun for her, but the record label made it feel like a chore. According to the musician, she is always working on new music or writing.

Discussing the future, Natasha added that by cutting ties with the record label, she feels that she is now free to go back to her origins and make music that she loves. 

In her words, she had no idea that demand and success could hurt her creativity and artistry to the point that she did not want to make music anymore.

However, the 41-year-old has now decided to take matters into her own hands and continue pursuing music. 

But in order to do so, she will no longer be associated with her record label.

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