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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

50 Cents Delays Show in Phoenix

In recent news, 50 Cents has announced that he will not be following through with the concert to be held on 30th August 2023. 

The 48-year-old took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to reveal that he would not be performing his show that was scheduled for Phoenix, Arizona. 

The reason cited by the singer was the government's excessive heat warning.

50 Cents, real name Curtis Jackson III, wrote that people could claim refunds from the point of purchase and follow the instructions provided.

However, he did assure fans that he would soon be back to perform when the weather is better, at least than 116 degrees. 

Following the announcement made by the rapper, numerous users took to the comments and praised him for this action. They applauded him for caring about the health of the people who love him. 

One fan stated how much they respected the performer for caring about his fans, while the other added that delaying the concert was a smart move, considering how high the risk is. 

In the previous week alone, around 16 people had been hospitalized due to the heat during a Snoop Dogg concert. People were rushed to the hospital in Houston, Arizona when temperatures went up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As of now, 50 Cents is in the middle of his most recent trek for the 20th anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin. The Canada and U.S. leg of this tour started on the 21st of July in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Moreover, it will end on the 22nd of September in Toronto, Ontario. The singer will then proceed to carry on with his tour in Europe on the 28th of September.

In other news, Bob Dylan's team has decided to shelve a collaboration between Post Malone and the singer.

Michael Cash, the music producer, talked about the new song, explaining that he thought of the idea and, thus, reached out to Jeff Rosen, Dylan’s representative.

Once Rosen and Michael agreed on the project, Dylan’s representative shared lyrics for the new track, Be Not Deceived. 

Dylan had penned these down a long time ago, which brought Post to tears when he read them. 

He went on to reveal that the song talked about innocence and the struggles of the people.

In the words of the singer, the song referred to how people have to make their own way in this world.

Post further referred to the song as beautiful and poetic. In his words, he was pretty excited to start working on the masterpiece. 

However, the pair never went through with the song because the 28-year-old had to take off for his trek at the time.

As a result, the deal for the project was never cemented. Later on, Dylan’s team decided to take back the lyrics and without any communication from either side, the project was shelved. 

It was further revealed that the teams of the two stars became quite awkward after this incident.

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