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Sunday, August 6, 2023

John Gosling Passes Away At The Age Of 75

In recent news, John Gosling, the star of Kinks, has passed away at the age of 75.

This shocking news was revealed by the rock band, which took to social media soon after the passing of their band member. 

They confirmed the announcement of the keyboard player, who was recruited to be a part of Kinks back in 1970. 

In its Instagram post, the band added how saddened it was by the news of their former teammate passing. It ended with the other members of Kinks sending out their condolences to the family and wife of the deceased. 

The former bandmates of Gosling also went on to pay their own glowing tributes to their late friend.

The lead vocalist of Kinks, Ray Davies, sent out his condolences from his own account, writing that he wishes John rests in peace.

Meanwhile, Dave Davies admitted that he has a deep affection for the deceased bandmate.

In his words, he was dismayed when he heard about the news of his friend's passing. He went on to add how John was an important contributor to the music that the band produced.

According to Dave, the gang made countless wonderful memories during their time together, and he would never forget them.

He concluded his statement by saying that his deepest sympathies are with the family and wife of the late singer. He sent out his love and support to the family and praised the man and musician that Gosling was.

Moreover, Mick Avery also called the former Kinks star a great musician, talking about the sense of humor that the man possessed.

The 79-year-old also posted on Instagram, saying how he had just lost a colleague and a dear friend. 

Gosling quit the band back in the year 1977. But in the year 1994, he went on to found a new band, called Kast Off Kinks, which included John Dalton, Dave Clarke, Jim Rodford, and Avory. 

It was in this band that the keyboard player continued to perform till he retired in the year 2008.

In other news, Rita Ora opened up about how uncomfortable she used to feel when the media and fans would scrutinize her past relationships. 

While giving an interview recently, the songwriter/singer said that she struggled initially when her relationships with friends, family, and others were dissected by the public and media. 

In her words, she would often find herself feeling hurt due to the gossip that would reach her, and it impacted her loved ones as well. 

As per Rita, the people she loved were also scrutinized and targeted because they were linked to her, and it did not sit right with her. 

The Praising You star added that now she no longer thinks about what people think of her and has embraced being in the public eye. The 32-year-old expressed that she realized she could not control what people said or thought, which is why she decided to stop caring about gossip.

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