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Monday, August 7, 2023

Calvin Harris And Stormzy To Collaborate On New Song

In recent news, Stormzy and Calvin Harris are all set to collaborate on a new song.

The hitmaker of Vossi Bop and the DJ immediately hit it off when they saw each other in Ibiza. The latter had shown up behind the decks at Ushuaia just last month.

It was revealed that the DJ had decided to jet off to the party island with a couple of his friends in celebration of his 30th birthday. 

Consequently, the pair have now decided to set up shop together in the recording studio.

A source close to Stormzy revealed that he has admired Calvin for years. The paid are huge fans of the dance capital.

Moreover, it is no secret that Stormzy previously held #MerkyFestival during a celebration at Ibiza Rocks.

Currently, the popstar has been surprising people by being in the studio day and night to drop a single almost every week of the year.

The source revealed that despite the frequent releases, Stormzy does not feel like he has made it to the top spot where his collaborators are concerned.

Thus, he has decided to pick Ibiza, which is the perfect spot to let creative juices flow. The next time the two are on the island together, they will be working on a project.

The news of a new collaboration comes just a couple of weeks after the singer’s producer, namely PRGRSHN, teased that there will be a follow-up record for the album released in November, called This Is What I Mean. 

As per the producer, this new album will be released sooner than expected, and the fans will be psyched. 

He was quoted to have said that they believe in being consistent and ensuring that creativity does not stop and is embedded in every piece of music they make. 

The producer went on to add that it is a crucial part of the process to make sure that Stormzy is inspired. Since he is an artist, he needs the motivation to be able to make good songs. 

Earlier in the year, PRGRSHN also claimed that up until now, for as long as he has been in the business, Stormzy is the most creative and strongest artist he has worked with.

A source additionally stated that, as of now, the hitmaker is writing and recording new songs with a break. He is currently motivated to ensure that he does right by his talent and fans. 

In addition, Stormzy has reportedly been working in London at Qube Studios to release a new track called ‘Fire’. It has been deemed to be a potential hit. 

In the words of the insider, the people in Stromzy’s inner circle believe that he could be spawning another album by the end of next month as well. 

The label further expressed how excited it is to hear what the artist has in store, despite his frequent releases in the last couple of months. 

Furthermore, the label is not surprised at the fact that the star is choosing to release the album on such short notice and strike while the iron is still hot.

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