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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Delta Goodrem Teases Her Return With A Comeback Album

Just recently, Delta Goodrem has given a teaser for her upcoming comeback album, which has been inspired by the deceased Tina Turner and the backstreet boys.

The singer also added that she took inspiration from Olivia Newton-John, her late friend.

The Born To Try hitmaker made her return in the early days of this week by dropping a single called, Back To Your Heart.

This came just before Delta debuts her UK headline tour later in the month, which will go on till the month of September. 

The recently released single, which has been inspired by the 80s, will be the first taste of the star’s eighth-ever studio album. 

As per Delta, she was inspired by a number of artists, amongst which was the deceased hitmaker of Proud Mary and the US boy band.

She has toured with the latter before when the singer joined them in 2022 in North America. 

Another person that she took inspiration from was her dear friend, Olivia, from Grease. 

While giving a cover interview to a magazine, Delta also talked about the album Bridge Over Troubled Dreams, released in 2021.

In the words of the popstar, her last album was quite heavy and intense, which gave her insight into herself. 

She recalled how isolated she felt during the coronavirus pandemic, but once the borders opened up and traveling became the norm, she went on tour with the Backstreet Boys.

Happily reminiscing, Delta said that on tour, she was surrounded by fun and felt a different sense of freedom. 

Now, she has released Back To Your Heart and stated that this is something that she always wanted to do. According to the singer, this song personally resonates with her.

She went on to say how her shows are directed toward empowering everyone present in the room and portraying the unity that is a part and parcel of being present together.

In the words of the 38-year-old, she saw the effect that her previous songs had, which is why she was additionally motivated to start writing and recording again. 

While talking about her idol, Tina, Delta added how she, too, battled cancer and went through a world of pain even before she hit the age of 40. 

In the words of the Australian star, she feels like she is currently in her Tina Turner era. And having gone through so much, she is all fired up for a new chapter in her life. 

Later in the interview, Delta added how there is a lot going on in her life at the moment, and she was always waiting for the right time. 

However, she does not want to wait any longer, which is why she released the 80s-inspired single. 

The 38-year-old expressed gratitude at being able to tell her story to the world and continue doing what she loves. 

She added how happy she is to have achieved success throughout her years in the music industry and have several chart-topping albums.

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