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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Drake Calls Out A Fan For Hurling A Purse At Him

In recent news, Drake stopped his performance and called out one of his fans in the crowd for throwing their purse at him while he was on the stage.

The God’s Plan hitmaker had been singing on stage as part of one of his three shows at Madison Square Garden, which have been completely sold out when a purse was hurled at him.

Right in the middle of the stage in New York, Drake decided to speak out against how horrible and bizarre he thought it was.

He questioned the fan, asking why they would think that throwing a purse at someone was okay.

While holding the bag up by its strap, the 36-year-old asked the fan if they did not have anything important, like their IDs and money, in it. He called out the person responsible and told them that what they did was a terrible thing to do.

The singer went on to give the purse back, telling the fan that they should think things through before acting on them.

This incident happened only a week after one of the singer’s fans decided to throw her bra on the stage. At the time, Drake was performing in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

During one of the shows at the same venue, the Hotline Bling star clapped back at a fan who hurled a vaping device at him. 

According to the singer, the person who threw the vaping device at him was not getting it back because he was not getting it back.

Another significant occurrence at Drake’s concert in Madison Square Garden was his announcement to release a new album. The rapper revealed that it is going to be called For All The Dogs.

In the words of the hitmaker, he will be back to dropping an album soon, maybe in two weeks. He did not confirm the date but did say that he is excited to be presenting something great for his fans.

Drake ended the speech hoping that his fans are proud when they listen to the new songs that he has in store. 

In other news, Justin Hawkins wishes his friends give him flowers instead of the random things that they throw on stage.

The Darkness singer joked about this shortly after a fan threw a piece of chewing gum on stage, which landed straight in the mouth of the star. 

The 48-year-old talked about how he and the other members of the group often get underwear thrown at them while they perform, but he prefers gifts that do not fit into the cliché of rock ‘n’ roll. 

Justin went on to reveal how the group has gotten shoes, wallets, and even chewing gum. Talking about the incident where a piece of gum landed in the rocker’s mouth, he said that he respected the shot since it was carefully aimed. 

However, Justin said that it had been disgusting to feel someone else’s chewed gum in his mouth.

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