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Friday, July 28, 2023

Post Malone Discusses How His Perspective Has Changed After Having A Baby

In recent news, Post Malone opened up about how things and his perspective changed soon after he had a baby.

He recently gave an interview for Apple Music and chatted with Zane Lowe. During it, the 28-year-old gave insight into how much in his life had turned upside down after he welcomed his daughter, who is now 14 months old.

In the words of the singer, becoming a father has slowed him down a bit where partying is concerned. He no longer goes out and does ‘crazy’ things like he used to.

However, the Sunflower hitmaker said that this is one of the best things that has happened to him and referred to it as ‘beautiful’ various times. 

When talking about a change in his lifestyle, the Post explained that he has taken a step back from the well-known nightlife scene, which people usually associate with being a part of the music industry. 

According to the pop rapper, it is time for a break, and he will gladly take that to enjoy some time with his daughter.

The singer, whose real name is Austin Post, went on to add that he was always partying before and never got the opportunity to enjoy life and all the small things it has to offer.

However, he now intends to live his life and its journey to the fullest.

Post was further asked about his relationship with alcohol, to which he responded is still one of his greatest weaknesses. On the other hand, he added that at the moment, he is in a ‘good spot’ and does not feel the need to resort to drinking for any purpose. 

The pop star further admitted that he has a difficult time expressing his emotions in songs and any piece that he writes unless he is a little drunk. 

But at the moment, he is only drinking a little bit of beer every now and then with his friend or dad to have fun or bond. 

In the words of the Circles artist, fatherhood is new to him, but he thoroughly enjoys spending time with his baby. He also revealed that it is a pleasure to hang out with his wife, work on projects in his garage and spend some quality time playing video games.

Post added that currently, he is doing everything that he loves and is content with it. 

In other news, Britney Spears revealed that she thought she was expecting again shortly after she started to feel nauseous. 

In a post on Instagram, the singer talked about how she had taken a recent trip to Mexico and felt like she was pregnant because she felt sick for the majority of the time. 

However, it was soon cleared up that the sickness and nausea started because Britney had spent too much time under the sun. 

The 41-year-old talked about the incident on social media, saying that her recent interest in fasting is more difficult than she thought.

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