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Monday, July 31, 2023

Azealia Banks Talks About How She Almost Gave Up On Music

In recent news, Azealia Banks has talked about how there was a time in her life when she had decided to give up on music.

She appeared for an interview hosted by The New York Times on the occasion of the day being the 50th anniversary of the music genre, hip-hop. 

The rapper went on to recall that she had decided not to pursue her music career, instead applying to colleges and having a normal life.

The 32-year-old spoke to the publication and said that she had submitted one of her songs, 212, to the record label that was representing her at the time, called XL. 

However, she was dropped by the brand, which demotivated her and made her think about taking a different route for her career. 

As per the Count Contessa rapper, she had been thinking about getting a GED (General Education Development Certificate) and picking out colleges to go to. 

But shortly after she started thinking of colleges, Azealia got a phone call from Nick Grimshaw from BBC Radio 1. He told her that he had been playing her song, 212, on repeat, which had quickly become a fan favorite. 

According to the rapper, when she received the phone call, she did not even know what BBC Radio 1 was. 

But in the blink of an eye, she went from earning $150 and only one bottle of Smirnoff to being paid no less than €5,000 at a charity event that she found weird. 

Azealia explained how at that point, she had never had 5000 of any currency in her hands ever and was thinking about she was going to use this money to weave and buy a laptop. 

As time went on and the rapper’s fame grew, she recalled how one day, she even found herself at the home of Karl Lagerfeld, the deceased fashion designer. 

In the words of the singer, when the now-late fashion designer invited her to his place in Paris to perform, she did not have any idea who he was. 

The star went on to say that she did not even know what Coachella was when she was booked to perform there. 

In other news, Rita Ora has said that her new album more or less consists of songs that came straight out of her diary. 

Just recently, the popstar dropped her third album, You And I, earlier in the month. Now, it has been revealed that the song is one of the most personal ones that she has ever written.

The new record covers the singer sharing details about her life, as well as her love affair with Taika Waititi, her husband.

In addition, she said that the tracks reveal her journey toward finding herself and happiness. 

She also gave an interview a while ago, where she explained that her first album set the tone to give fans an up-close look into her life, which was further intensified by her second album.

However, Rita added that she has never been as candid as she is in her recent release, which is pretty much like reading her personal diary.

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