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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bebe Rexha Reveals She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Due To Fat Shaming

In recent news, Bebe Rexha revealed that she and Keyan Safyari, the well-known cinematographer, have split up.

During a performance in London back on Friday, the Meant To Be Singer spoke to the audience that had gathered at the Bush Empire at the O2 Shepherd. She said that she had just gone through a break-up.

According to the singer, it is an emotional time for her, which is why she asked her fans to help her get through this difficult time. 

Previously, the singer had called out her former boyfriend for sending her a text message that criticized her weight. 

As a result, speculations began regarding the three-year relationship between the two. Many also believed that they were soon going to break up, due to this rough patch. 

Bebe further revealed that she is going to be looking for a new man soon after her gig is over. 

However, she did admit that the popular London gay club, called Heaven, may not be the place for her to go look for a partner, since she is straight. 

As per the singer, she was still going to visit the club to party and have fun. She also hinted that though she is not gay, she might be in the crowd there due to her being fluid. 

At the concert, Bebe also read the text that her former boyfriend had allegedly sent to her. It started off by saying that he thought she is beautiful, and that he loves her. 

However, he said that he would always be honest with her. Keyan allegedly told her that since her face was changing, he felt it was his responsibility to tell her. 

As per the text that Bebe read, the cinematographer said that she had gained 35 pounds and her face and body had changed. 

Since she took offense at what he said, the singer’s ex-boyfriend asked if he should have lied to her when she asked if her body and face felt different to him.

Keyan asked his then-girlfriend if he should have lied to her, especially since she called him fat when he gained three pounds.  

According to the text that the singer read, even if she gained weight, he still loves her. The cinematographer went on to accuse her of finding reasons to break up with him.

In other news, the new and rebranded Twitter, X, has decided to restore the account of Kanye West. This news has come eight months after the star was banned from posting on the platform because of antisemitic posts. 

The producer, fashion designer, and rapper posted an image of a swastika blended with a star of David just last year. 

Back in October, he also unleashed several antisemitic rants on the platform and in between interviews.

His account was suspended for a couple of days, shortly before he got blocked, because he posted on X that he would go ‘death con 3’, especially on Jewish people. 

Just a fortnight later, Kanye praised the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. A while later, he posted the swastika, due to which Elon Musk banned him.

However, his account has now been reinstated.

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