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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Richey Edward’s Sister Scheduled To Speak At A Conference For Missing Persons

Back in 1995, on the 1st of February, a lyricist, rhythm guitarist, and designer, Richey Edwards, disappeared. He had gained popularity because of Manic Street Preachers and had won the hearts of many. 

Now, 28 years later, Rachel Edwards, his sister, has decided to be one of the presenters at an international conference to be held in Cardiff from the 5th of July to the 7th. 

The event, which will be hosted by the well-known University of South Wales or USW, will be a way to remind the mainstream media of the missing artist. 

As of now, Richey is still believed to be a missing person. Even after years, the case of his disappearance seems to attract substantial attention from mainstream media, as well as social media traction. 

Many have also taken to social media platforms to share what they believe might have happened to him, but no one has gotten any closer to the truth. 

Back in the day, when Richey disappeared, his family was thrust into the spotlight, and times became very difficult for everyone involved. 

Because her brother vanished without a trace, his sister took it upon herself to ensure that the public remained interested in her brother’s case so that he may be found again. 

Back in the year 2019, she appeared as a final participant on the popular show Britain’s Got Talent. She was a part of the Missing People Choir. 

Moreover, Rachel has actively shown support for people and families who have lost a loved one and still do not know what happened to them or where they went. 

Richey, whose real name was Richard, was presumed to be dead back in 2008. However, Rachel spoke then and said that while it was upsetting, her brother had to be presumed dead for legal reasons.

This was because various complex financial matters had to be resolved, and Richey’s estate had to be in order, which was their dying father’s last wish. 

Back then, Rachel recalled, it was very difficult for her and her family to obtain the presumption of death from the courts. 

However, she did not give up. The sister went on to campaign for the change of a law to allow families to deal with the financial affairs of their loved ones who had disappeared. 

As part of the process, she provided evidence during a Governmental Enquiry and emerged victorious in her campaign in 2013.

Presumption of Death Act became a part of the law in that year, and the application process to achieve the court’s ruling was made less complex. 

In addition, Richey’s sister turned out to be instrumental in laying the groundwork to form and implement the National Crime Agency or NCA Missing Persons Unit in the UK. 

She provided further evidence sought later as part of the Governmental Enquiry to ensure that all DNA of people who go missing is successfully obtained, stored, and matched against any body parts and unidentified bodies found.

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