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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Perrie Edwards Reveals She Is Trying All Kinds Of Sounds

In recent news, Perrie Edwards has revealed that she is experimenting with any and every sound that she can before the release of her first-ever solo album.

The singer from Little Mix has managed to line up no less than 11 well-known songwriters and producers to help her work on the new material that she will soon be putting out.

According to the star, she wants to give her fans the best music and nothing less than that. 

A source close to Perrie also said that she has a revolving door of the best hitmakers in the industry. At her home studio, which is located in Cheshire, she has been writing alongside everyone.

This revolving door includes legendary stars from Steve Mac to Raye. The former has no less than 31 singles that have snagged the number-one position in the UK alone. 

As per the source, the singer is trying out every sound and tune out there to see what her fans will love the most. She has an entire method to pick out only those creations that will not leave her fans disappointed.

Perrie currently has a 22-month-old son, named Axel, with Alex Olade-Chamberlain, her fiancé. She took a break from music because of her son’s birth but is back to make a splash in the industry. 

As of now, she has managed to register at least one track from her new album, called Same Place, Different View. This will be created in collaboration with the American Society Of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. 

The hitmaker of Shout Out To My Ex recently also admitted that she is having a blast now that she is back to recording music and working on her solo tracks in her studio. 

In her words, the recording process has also been going very smoothly, and it is a unique experience for her to be experimenting with all kinds of sounds. 

The singer also expressed how lucky she is to be working alongside such talented writers and producers, which will help her create wonderful music for her fans. 

However, Perrie has made a point to talk about how she will not be rushing her debut as a solo artist. She explained that she does not have a pre-decided timeline currently.

Moreover, she divulged that her label has told her to just go with the flow for now and enjoy the new sounds that she is discovering. They have also told the star to have a great time and the details can be worked out later.

As per the star, it has been a while since she had an eye-opening and overall fun experience like this one when recording music.

She added that it gives her a new reason to continue music and reminds her of why she loves creating art so much. 

Currently, neither the label nor the singer is sure whether the album will be released this year or next year. However, fans are anticipating the return of Perrie Edwards with much enthusiasm.

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