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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Lana Del Rey Announces Her Exit From Social Media

In recent news, Lana Del Rey announced that she will be exiting social media, and the first step in that direction was the singer quitting Instagram.

According to the Summertime Sadness hitmaker, she is going to be deactivating her accounts because she no longer needs to promote Rob Grant, her father’s new album.

While posting on Instagram Stories, Lana further added that she no longer feels that the platform will be of any use to her, especially since she no longer requires any marketing for her live shows either. 

The singer posted a picture of herself, which showed a butterfly on her nose. In the caption of the image, she thanked her fans for supporting her and her father. 

The 37-year-old further added that she will be going on tour and thus, will have no use for her account. Therefore, she believes it is best to quit.

At the end of the caption, Lana wished all her fans good luck and told them that she loved them.

The deactivation of the singer’s accounts is nothing new. Real name Elizabeth Grant, the popstar previously abandoned social media back in the year 2021. 

However, her private accounts were still operational. Thus, fans had requested access to the one on Instagram, which was titled Honeymoon. 

On this account, the singer would post pictures of her personal life and even had various Instagram Live sessions to talk to her fans about her life. 

Just last week, her father released his first-ever album, named Lost At Sea. His 37-year-old daughter has been featured on a song called Hollywood Bowl and the title track.

Lana too previously released another album, titled Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, back in the month of March. 

And now, she has scheduled a number of gigs, which require her to go touring and perform in a number of festivals in the upcoming months. 

Moreover, Lana is going to headline the Glastonbury Festival on the 21st of June and will be taking the Other Stage. 

Another event that the star will be performing at is going to be BST Hyde Park on the 9th of July in London, as well as several other shows. 

In other news, Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK walked off the stage during a performance. The reason cited for the singer walking off was a medical condition. 

The K-pop singer had been performing on the stage on Melbourne, which was the group’s second night of performing for its Born Pink World Tour.

After the show, the agency that represents the group, YG Entertainment, gave a statement saying that Jennie could not complete the performance because her medical condition was deteriorating. 

The statement further revealed that the singer was determined to complete the set but was advised against it. But she is now on the road to recovery as she is taking measures to ensure that she gets ample stability and rest.

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