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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo To Release A New Single

In recent news, Olivia Rodrigo has announced that she will be making a bold return to the spotlight with her latest single, which she has titled Vampire.

According to the 20-year-old, it has been a while since she released a new single, and she cannot wait to put this one out. 

Soon after her announcement, fans took to social media to express excitement at the news of the upcoming song. In addition, her song has become one of the most anticipated songs of this year.

The singer of Drivers License went on Instagram and posted a picture of herself to reveal that she was soon going to be putting the single out. 

The picture, which was black and white, had Olivia standing in the center with two plasters placed on either side of her neck. They were of purple color, which is known as her signature color.

The caption of the picture consisted of the release date of the new song, which is going to be the 30th of June.

The 20-year-old is also excited to be releasing this new single, especially since this will be the first song released by the Grammy Award Winner after 2021.

Back then, she put out her first album, Sour, and it went on to become multi-platinum. The songs on the album had been penned by the singer herself and then produced by musician and producer, Daniel Nigro.

Together, the two had talked about how much hard work had gone into making the album, ensuring that it was one of the biggest musician sensations of the year.

Now, a press release has divulged various details about Vampire, saying that it is the sound of an artist who is mature, in control, and has a confidence that cannot be tamed by anyone.

In the last couple of months, the hitmaker of Good 4 U has been teasing her upcoming single. 

Just last month, she took to Instagram to celebrate two years of Sour. In the caption, she also told her fans that she will soon be releasing new stuff, and they will love it.

In other news, Paul McCartney revealed that he took the help of artificial intelligence (AI) to create the final song for the Beatles.

The star appeared on the Today Programme hosted by BBC Radio, in which he revealed that the team who has been working on the song used technology for the music.

He explained that they had wanted to use the voice of John Lennon, who has already passed, in the song. Thus, they resorted to extricating the late bandmate’s voice from a previously recorded demo.

He added that the song has been finished, and will be released later in the year. 

However, McCartney made sure to not divulge as to which song would be released. It is widely believed that the new release will be the 1978 composition by John Lennon, named Now And Then.

The song is well-known to be on a cassette that was given to the bandmate by Lennon’s widow, namely Yoko Ono. She said that the music legend had recorded the song on the cassette shortly before he passed in the year 1980. It had been labeled ‘For Paul’. 

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