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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Charlie Puth Admits To Making Out With Meghan Trainor In Studio

Just recently, Charlie Puth confirmed that he made out with Meghan Trainor in a recording studio back in the year 2015.

There is no denying that the pair kissing while on stage at the 2015 American Music Awards created much of a fuss. 

At the time, the two did not reveal anything, until recently, the All About That Bass singer talked about it in an interview.

She further revealed that before kissing on stage, Charlie and her had kissed in the recording studio in Los Angeles, while they were working on their hit and well-known song, Marvin Gaye.

On the other hand, the Attention hitmaker recently appeared for an interview and was asked about the kiss. And he confirmed the comments made by Meghan.

Charlie recalled that at the time, he had just moved out to Los Angeles and he and Meghan decided to collaborate on a song together. However, he firmly stated that this had only happened once.

According to the 31-year-old, he had had vodka for the first time back then, specifically Grey Goose Vodka. 

This was mainly due to the fact that he had been living on his own for the first time ever and adjusting to his life of fame in Hollywood. 

He had a movie and a song coming out back then, and Meghan Trainor proposing to do a song with him made Charlie feel ecstatic. He added how he could not believe that one of the top popstars wanted to work with him.

Laughing, the 31-year-old reminisced that people at the studio would often ask him about what he wanted to eat, and he would tell them that he would pick his own food. 

However, they would insist on doing it themselves and it made Charlie feel like he was on top of the world. Thus, when Meghan wanted to kiss him, he was definitely down for it.

Talking about the Made You Look hitmaker, he said that she is one of the best songwriters he has ever come to know. Moreover, the We Don’t Talk Anymore singer gushed about how much he loved her new song, named Mother. 

Where the 29-year-old is concerned, she made an appearance on the show Watch What Happens just last month and talked about what happened in 2015. 

She also talked about how the mood was romantic and there was a lot of booze on the day she and Charlie made out. But she also pointed out that it was a one-time thing and only because they were in the moment. 

According to Meghan, the two of them did not have any other reason to do it, rather than the tone that was set due to the song they were working on. But she further divulged that it had been great. 

As of now, Charlie is dating Brooke Sansone. On the other hand, Meghan tied the knot with actor, Daryl Sabara and is currently waiting to welcome her second child with him.

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