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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Noel Gallagher Receives A Fine After Not Naming The Driver

In recent news, Noel Gallagher has been slapped with a fine. This was because he refused to throw his driver under the bus, who was driving his car at the time of a speeding incident.

The former star of Oasis previously revealed that he could not drive. However, he has still been given a speeding fine of more than $1,250, along with six penalty points. 

Even so, the singer baldly refused to disclose any information pertaining to the identity of the driver. The magistrates who required this information were not happy with Noel’s refusal to do so.

The Range Rover belonging to the star was recorded somewhere in West London back in October 2022, when it was speeding at 41 mph on a road where the limit was up to 30 mph. 

The case was taken to court, but the 56-year-old had been absent when the magistrate of Willesden Court in London had scheduled a hearing. 

But the proceedings took place, and Noel was fined $925, along with a victim surcharge of $370 and another fine of $125. This was confirmed by a court official shortly after the ruling.

When Noel and his manager were asked for a comment, neither said anything.

Where the singer’s driving is concerned, he revealed back in April of 2022 that he had decided to give up on learning how to drive when the popularity of his band reached its peak back in the 1990s. 

The reason for the 56-year-old giving up on this was that he was mobbed by fans during a lesson. After that, Noel became afraid of the whole experience. 

In other news, it has been revealed that Drake encouraged the musical comeback of Nelly Furtado.

The 44-year-old Nelly has recently talked about how the 36-year-old Canadian singer invited her to be a surprise guest at this North Stars event for Canadians, which was held in Toronto last year. 

In her words, the experience reminded her of how much she valued music and the legacy she wanted to leave behind.

Nelly also mentioned that Drake had encouraged her to start working on music again when she confided in all of this in him. 

She went on to tell Variety that she has a lot of gratitude these days for the fact that she is a creator and a performer. 

The 44-year-old also revealed that she met Drake only a year ago and had a few deep discussions with him related to art and life.

As a result, she was encouraged by him, saying that she needed to boss up and start making music again. 

Thus, when Drake invited her to perform on stage, Nelly did not say no. Instead, she listened to him and was brave enough to start the next chapter of her life in the music industry. 

As of now, the 44-year-old is working on releasing her new album. This will be her first since The Ride, which was released in 2017.

In her words, it has been a year since she started working on the songs, and has been deeply enjoying the creative and collaborative process.

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