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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Kim Kardashian Says She Does Not Want To Clean Up After Former Husband’s Outbursts

In recent news, Kim Kardashian has made it clear that she will no longer be helping her former husband clean up the mess after his public outbursts. 

In the words of the model, she has grown tired of being a part of the clean-up crew, who has to be the one to uphold the reputation of Kanye West.

In the most recently released episode of The Kardashians, Kim became emotional as she spoke about how she is stuck with the controversial behavior of the rapper. 

She went on to add that all she can do is distance herself from him but cannot fully cut him off due to the fact that they have children together. 

The 42-year-old recalled how she has had to spend hour upon hours trying to make amends for the infamous public outbursts of Kanye, where he often breaks down and says controversial things. 

According to Kim, she sometimes feels like she is about to hit rock bottom because of Kanye’s actions. In her words, he needs to figure out his journey and his life on his own, without any intervention needed from her.

The SKIMS founder went on to recall how she would have to go to great lengths to protect him. She would often have to go behind his back and call people, asking them to give him another chance. 

In the episode, the model also said that she is now going to focus on prioritizing all her children, instead of being a part of Kanye’s clean-up crew.

Kim said that she is not going to let any controversies related to their father affect Saint, North, Psalm, and Chicago.

According to the 42-year-old, she does not want her children to have bad memories of their father. Even though she wants to protect them from everything negative, Kim said that she would never want them to be distant from Kanye. 

Talking about her former husband, the model said that it is one of the most difficult feelings to watch the man he loved be different. 

Reminiscing about their time together, she opened up about how he was no longer the person that she knew.

The hitmaker of Flashing Lights has made numerous headlines on a number of occasions on account of his public attacks on his former wife and her family. 

Just last year, the rapper made a couple of antisemitic comments, because of which he received a lot of backlashes from across the globe.

Moreover, various brands took bigger steps and decided to cut off all ties with the 45-year-old. Adidas also went as far as to try to once again freeze the accounts of the rapper’s Yeezy brand. 

The matter was also dragged to court but the request to block the accounts was denied by the court. Soon after, Kanye took to complain about Adidas, saying that he could not even pay for Apple Care due to the actions of the German sportswear.

Kanye and Kim got married back in 2014 and went through with their divorce in 2022.

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