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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Kelly Clarkson Decides To Relocate Her Talk Show To New York

In recent news, Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she will be moving her popular talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, to the city of New York. This is being done so that she can be closer to the people she loves.

The singer appeared on TalkShopLive to chat with Nancy O’Dell and revealed that she informed her staff about moving from Los Angeles to New York back in the month of January.

The talk show host said that she spoke to them and told them what was going to happen because they had a right to know. 

She also let them know that she needed to move to the East Coast, or she would be forced to discontinue the show.

Kelly recalled that during the coronavirus pandemic, she had to learn the hard way that it is not good to be away from your family for prolonged periods of time. 

Since her family is based in North Carolina, she decided to make the move towards the East Coast. 

According to the singer, she was also dealing with a number of personal things at the time, which made her move closer to family, even more important. 

In the words of the host of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she felt that both her children deserved a fresh start, and she could not do that from Los Angeles, especially since she kept facing hurdle after hurdle. 

Kelly called the move her idea and praised the executives of NBC for giving her their full support when she announced that she wanted to take her show to the East Coast. 

She stated that she loves this show with all her heart and has worked hard for it. However, she was prepared to give it up for the sake of her family, if the move had not been possible.

The singer also suggested the idea of doing it from her ranch, but some technical difficulties did not allow that to happen. Thus, she suggested New York, which is considerably closer to the people she loves. 

Even though Kelly said that she is making this movie for her family, she teased that she would be open to a future as a performer on Broadway.

During the interview with Nancy, she said that she would love to do anything that pertains to a career on Broadway.

NBC executives also confirmed at the beginning of May that The Kelly Clarkson Show will be relocating sometime in autumn and will be recorded at the Rockefeller Center Studio from then on. 

In other news, Kylie Minogue said that she is over the moon after seeing how successful her song Padam Padam has been. 

The legendary popstar is the first female artist to have scored an album at the number 1 position in the UK for five decades in a row. 

She released her last record back in 2020, called Disco, and returned to the charts once again with the lead single of her new album, Tension. 

She took to Instagram on her 55th birthday to thank her fans for their love and reaction. In her words, her week had been an incredible one and the success of her new song just made it all better.

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