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Monday, May 22, 2023

Paul Simon Experiences A Loss Of Hearing

In recent news, Paul Simon revealed that he is experiencing a loss of hearing in his left ear. In his words, he can more or less not hear anything from this particular ear.

While giving a recent interview, the musician opened up about how difficult it has been for him to experience hearing loss.

According to Paul, this happened all of a sudden. Despite his visiting a number of doctors, no one has been able to give him an answer as to why this is happening. Thus, he has been struggling quite a bit.

The legendary singer and songwriter also talked about how he had expected the ear to repair itself as time passed, but the condition has not changed at all. 

As a result, Paul has been debating whether or not he should be performing live on stage. 

In addition, he added that he has grown tired of singing a couple of his old tracks, due to the fact that he has performed them so many times. 

The 81-year-old further continued that there are a number of his songs that he simply does not like performing. He talked about how he has been in the middle of a performance at times and thought about what he was doing.

The singer also confided that in these moments of self-doubt, the voice in his head tells him to quit performing on the road and go back home. But, he managed to push through somehow.

Earlier in the month, the musician also released his fifteenth studio album, another solo, named Seven Psalms. 

In other news, Nordoff and Robbins, which is the largest music therapy charity in the UK, has revealed the first few artists who will receive the prestigious O2 Silver Clef Awards this year. 

It has also been announced that the accolades will be given to these celebrities in person and for this reason, an exclusive lunch will be held to invite prominent members of the industry.

An award ceremony will also be organized for the 30th of June, Friday, to honor these musicians. The event will take place at the Grosvenor House Hotel, located on Park Lane in London. 

The first two announcements related to the winners included Nordoff and Robbins honoring several celebrities. This also included awarding the international cultural icon and superstar accolade to Stormzy.

The most prestigious honor of the O2 Silver Clef Award will be received by Stormzy, as a way to honor his contributions to the industry as a whole. 

Various legendary musicians have been given this award before, such as George Michael, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Roger Waters, Ed Sheeran, Dame Shirley Bassey, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Annie Lenox, Kylie Minogue, etc. 

Wet Leg is also all set to receive the charity’s New Music Award, whereas Biffy Clyro will be rewarded for the Best Live Act.

In addition, Neneh Cherry, a pop icon, will be receiving the award for Outstanding Achievement.

Nordoff and Robbins have also revealed that it will be announcing the winner of Best Female, Best Group, and Best Male in the month of June.

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