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Monday, May 29, 2023

Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Moment After The Release Of Flowers

In recent news, Miley Cyrus opened up about whether or not she felt like she had achieved the biggest moment of her career, shortly after releasing her popular song, Flowers.

The 30-year-old hitmaker just gave a recent detailed interview at British Vogue, which featured her talking about the thoughts she had on her different tracks. 

Soon after Miley put out her eight-studio album, called Endless Summer Vacation, she received an overwhelming response from fans and managed to snag several important records, which are an important part of the industry charts. 

During the interview, the singer revealed that she was once asked by her fellow performer, Lil Nas X, if she feels anxious when thinking about the success of her songs.

However, Miley insisted that she has no feelings of apprehension or anxiousness. In her words, she may be number one right now, but number two will soon replace her.

She further added that the music industry is seasonal and while loads of headlines say that this is currently Miley’s moment, she believes that it is fleeting and will soon be over. 

According to the star, she is not a pessimist but noted that she did not even have her cell phone nearby when her latest album was released.

She talked about how her boyfriend is the one who carries his phone around, but she does not. Thus, she did not know at which number her album or tracks would chart.

Consequently, Miley stated that it does not matter to her what position her songs and album are placed in.

The analogy that the 30-year-old gave, in this case, was that of being in the Garden of Eden and eating the red apple, but not feeling good about it at all. 

In other news, Anne-Marie revealed that she is shocked when she listens to her own blunt lyrics, especially in a different context. 

The Psycho hitmaker has chosen to bare her soul in her new album, called Unhealthy. It features tracks, such as Obsessed and Kills Me To Love You.

In the words of the singer, her own lyrics do not tend to sink in until they are quoted by someone else to her.

Anne-Marie further talked about how the songs do not sound harsh when she is singing them but understand their depth when they are quoted to her. 

She also clarified that the studio provides an open environment to her, where she is allowed to unload and open up about things she doesn’t otherwise say. 

According to the hitmaker, she says a lot of what is on her mind in the studio. But when people tell her which lyrics hit them the most, she feels like she needs to start seeing a therapist.

However, the 32-year-old pointed out that every single song she makes is just a part of her reality, which mainly comes from some of her musical influences. 

Anne-Marie revealed that she grew up listening to the masterpieces of Eminem and Alanis Morrissette, both of whom were not afraid to say what was on their mind.

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