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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Ed Sheeran Reveals He Does Not Want To Watch His New Docuseries

In recent news, Ed Sheeran has opened up about how he does not want to watch his new docuseries. 

He recently had an interview with Extra, during which he admitted that he does not feel uncomfortable at the thought of watching himself in his new docuseries, named The Sum Of It All. 

The Shape Of You hitmaker said that even thinking of watching it makes him feel uneasy, which is why he has not yet sat down to binge-watch it. 

But, Ed added that he is hoping other people find it better and more entertaining than he does. 

Later during the interview, the singer noted that he had been pleasantly surprised when he heard about some of the content that was included in the project. 

In his words, he had not realized that the documentary would also touch upon topics of mental health and grief and how he had struggled with it.

According to Ed, he had only expected the documentary to revolve around his album and his work. However, upon seeing the content, he was left speechless.

The 32-year-old continued that his documentary is now available for streaming on Disney+ and is a four-part series, said to move viewers. It documents the various highs and lows that the British singer has experienced in his life. 

Ed also released his sixth-ever studio album just a couple of days ago. Subtract has gone on to become the fastest-selling album this year in the UK. 

In other news, Blur has said that it experienced real and pure joy when recording its latest album.

Graham Coxon, the guitarist, Damon Albarn, the singer, Alex James, the bassist, and Dave Rowntree, the drummer, have come together once again to release their ninth studio album.

The album, Ballad Of Darren, is all set to come out in the month of July and is said to be an emotional experience for the band. 

While talking to a magazine, the bassist said that during the recording process, the entire group experienced several moments of complete joy. 

While referring to one of their songs, St Charles Square, Alex further added that there was a moment when he felt that the band had done something wonderful once again. 

Recalling the time when they were recording the song, he said that he was lying on a comfortable sofa. However, he stood up and started jumping up and down during this song.

He felt like he had lost it, which gave him a wonderful feeling inside.

The band has come together for a couple of warm-up gigs before, such as the time when it performed at Wembley Stadium in July. However, this album will keep them together for longer than two performances. 

Alex said that it felt good for the group to have gone back to the way it was before. When they are performing or recording, he added, it just feels basic, like it is just them against the world.

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