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Friday, May 19, 2023

Britney Spears Seen Kissing Sam Asghari Amid Rumors Of A Troubled Marriage

In recent news, Britney Spears has decided to clap back at all the rumors of her marriage being in trouble. 

This was easily accomplished by her posting a video of herself and her husband, Sam Asghari, kissing each other to express their undying love.

The Toxic singer took to Instagram and recorded a reel, in which she could be seen kissing her husband passionately, shortly before the two pose before the camera. 

The hitmaker took to captioning the video as well, writing that she is quite impressed with her flowers. In her words, she has been quite modest about her home in the past but revealed that she is redesigning it now.

Furthermore, she expressed how blessed she feels to have an incredible and supportive husband like Sam Asghari, who inspires her every day and motivates her to follow her dreams.

Britney also used this opportunity to show her fans her lavish property and how she decorated it. 

Shortly after the singer posted the reel, she went on to share an Instagram story of Sam and his friend. She revealed that this was the first time that she spent time with one of her spouse’s friends. 

These videos come amid recent reports that suggest that the couple is experiencing trouble in their marriage.

Sources have said that the pop singer and her husband had a fight, which quickly turned physical. As a result, the two spent time away from each other and Sam left the house.

The couple tied the knot back in June 2022. The couple had an intimate ceremony held at the California home of the star herself. The two had been dating for over five years prior to their marriage. 

In other news, Lizzo has made it clear that she is not trying to escape being fat given that she has started a workout routine. 

The 2 Be Loved hitmaker took to TikTok a couple of days ago and shared a passionate and positive body-related message with her more than 26 million followers. 

Her message was in response to a video that a user on TikTok posted, which stated that the user was on a fitness journey and was looking to connect with people who were not trying to escape fatness.

A while later, Lizzo stitched the TikToker’s video, saying that she fully supports the user's attempts to find people who are not trying to get rid of their fatness. 

The hitmaker further added that she wanted to shine some light on the creator, especially since she is also looking for people whom she can resonate with. 

The 35-year-old performer went on to explain that her job mainly includes singing, dancing, and hyping up crowds. As a result, she has to put up with a lot of physical activity.

Thus, she has adapted to a workout routine to keep up her stamina and improve her mental health. 

Lizzo hopes to use her new routine to stay active and ensure she is able to manage all the physical activity that she goes through.

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