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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Miles Kane Releases New Song To Pay Tribute To Baggio

In recent news, Miles Kane has dropped a new song of his called Baggio, which has been inspired by the deceased Italian football legend. 

Talking about his childhood, the 37-year-old singer recalled how inspired he was by Roberto Baggio, who passed away at the age of 56. 

In the words of the star, he was inspired by the Italian football legend when he was only eight years old. He quickly became obsessed with the athlete, as well as any and all Italian things.

When he was just a child, he first saw Baggio on live TV during the World Cup held in 1994. He was soon enthralled by the presence, talent, and look of the footballer.

That had been the first time, in Kane’s words, that he had seen a unique and different man. Thus, he quickly became obsessed with the Italian football team.

Soon enough, the singer also started to imitate the Italians. He grew his hair long, started copying their fashion and clothes and that is how he became the man he is today. 

Baggio is one of the most recent releases from the star’s upcoming album, namely One Man Band. It follows the main single of the album, Troubled Son. 

Miles has also joined hands with his friend, James Buckley, the singer of Inbetweeners. The two have worked on the music video together for the primary lead single of the album. 

The 35-year-old artist, who is well-known for his role, plays Jay Cartwright, a foul-mouthed personality in the E4 classic sitcom. He cameos alongside the singer and accompanies the promo, especially for the tune. 

The popstar also discussed the opening track of the album, saying that he wrote this song thinking about the struggles that everyone has in life. 

In his words, some people have their lives figured out, while others do not. The song is all about him acknowledging his fears and faults.

Moreover, Troubled Son follows the 37-year-old’s journey through life, as he tries to figure out what to make of himself. 

As it turns out, the actor and the singer are great friends and were filmed drinking with other pals for the music video. It takes place at The Young Prince, a popular London boozer. 

As per Miles, James is one of his best mates and he has known him since he made his first album. He also mentioned that the other men at the pub are also some of his wonderful friends.

The singer went on to add that the idea of the shot was mainly due to the fact that the group wanted to go out and do something fun. So, they decided to film the event too. 

The songwriter/singer decided to go back to his roots in the city of Liverpool to spend some quality time with his family. 

As a result of his visit, he soon began to remember why he was enamored by guitars a couple of years ago. 

He went on to say that during his time in Liverpool, he made the album and was able to reconnect with his young self.

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