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Monday, April 10, 2023

Queen Prepares To Record Songs Featuring Adam Lambert

In recent news, Queen has revealed that it is all set to start recording songs with the former American Idol star, Adam Lambert.

The band dropped its last and final album, Innuendo, during the lifetime of the frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury. Now, 32 years later, Brian May, the guitarist, has said that the band members are thinking of making a comeback with an album that features Adam Lambert in its songs. 

While doing an interview for US radio, Brian talked about how they have been experimenting with a few songs and sounds lately. He added that the band members want to release something special, which can uphold the glory of Queen and the fans would enjoy it.

Adam also talked about the upcoming album, saying that he sometimes feels like there is a lot of pressure on the team. He added that people have certain expectations from the band, which is why together, they need to launch an album that is worth it. The star confessed that he gets scared sometimes while doing this kind of material since he has not done anything like this before.

The talk of an upcoming album with new songs has come as a surprise to fans. This is because just recently, Brian was asked about Queen making music again and he said that the possibility was not likely. His reasoning at the time was that the fans loved Freddie too much and it would be difficult to make songs of the same caliber that were just as liked. 

Since 2012, the legendary rock band has gone on tours with the runner-up of American Idol. The tours that they have done together have managed to turn heads and bring in rave reviews. As a result, their performances have gotten bigger and bigger. 

In the past couple of years, there has been speculation and talk about Queen finally recording a new LP, full of fresh material, since the death of the frontman. Freddie Mercury died in November of 1991, due to AIDS when he was just 45 years old. 

Despite the fact that Roger Taylor, the drummer of the band, has worked on various songs in the studio alongside Adam and Brian, Queen has not made any releases. According to the singers, this was mainly because the band’s diehard fans have been against the idea. 

While doing an interview with Total Guitar Magazine, Brian talked about how the trio has previously tried to work on a couple of songs. However, they never released anything because it did not feel right. In his words, the musicians involved were deterred by how people saw Queen on a record label and expected Freddie to be singing the songs. 

The guitarist also joked about how their new album could have a picture of Jesus Christ on it, but fans would still make a fuss about missing Freddie. Though he appreciates the support that Queen fans grant to the deceased singer, he feels annoyed when people call him out for trying to carry on with his work.

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